Outsourced Service Provider’s Audit Report (OSPAR)


Amazon Web Services (AWS) achieved the Outsourced Service Provider’s Audit Report (OSPAR) attestation. AWS’ alignment with the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) Guidelines on Control Objectives and Procedures for Outsourced Service Providers (ABS Guidelines) demonstrates to customers AWS’ commitment to meeting the high expectations for cloud service providers set by the financial services industry in Singapore.

The ABS Guidelines recommend that Singapore banks select outsourced service providers that meet the controls set out in the ABS Guidelines, which can be demonstrated through an OSPAR. An OSPAR attestation involves an external audit of the service provider’s controls against the criteria specified in the ABS Guidelines.

The AWS services that are in scope of the OSPAR attestation can be found within AWS Services in Scope by Compliance Program. If you would like to learn more about using these services and/or have an interest in other services please contact us.

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