The AWS Auditor Learning Path is designed for those in auditor, compliance, and legal roles who want to learn how their internal operations can demonstrate compliance using AWS’ platform. Build the skills necessary to understand how to audit solutions on the AWS Cloud.

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Hear about how AWS customers are using AWS services to provide clarity and transparency into their security and compliance processes.

Learn foundational knowledge to get started with AWS, and extend your technical skills and proficiency to audit solutions on the AWS Cloud.

Instructor-led | Live and Virtual Class | 1 day

Learn about the benefits of cloud computing and how a cloud strategy can help you meet your business objectives.

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Free | Online Course | 2 Hours

Learn fundamental AWS security concepts including AWS access control, governance, encryption methods, and more.

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Instructor-led | Live or Virtual Class | 3 days

Learn cloud best practices, architecture patterns, case studies, and other practical ways of thinking about how to architect infrastructure on AWS.

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Instructor-led | Live or Virtual Class | 3 days

For security architects, engineers, auditors, and analysts. Learn how to stay secure and compliant in the AWS cloud, including AWS best practices and security features of key AWS services.

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Self-Paced Labs | Virtual Class | 5.5 hours

Learn the basics of IAM and security-related features and tools such as Security Groups, VPCs, and the AWS Web Application Firewall. Then you'll tie these foundations together with AWS Lambda, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, EMR, Elasticsearch and Key Management Service to automate monitoring, alerting, and data mining the reports and logs of these tools to identify and report on security events.

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