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Each day, hundreds of thousands of developers make billions of transactions on our cloud. The AWS Security team owns security for all services offered by AWS, including EC2 and S3. This creates many opportunities for cross-team collaboration and high visibility into the company.

The genuine passion of this team drives innovation. We dive deep into security technologies to provide our customers the best possible experience. Projects include building new authentication systems, enhancing cryptography and conducting massive-scale audit analysis. Find more details on our wide range of products here and visit the AWS Security Blog to see our latest initiatives.

AWS Security places a high importance on career development. We know that people are dynamic and looking to grow their skill set. For this reason, we offer workshops, encourage conference attendance and accommodate career aspirations.

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Meet the Teams

Application Security

Team Overview: At AWS, security is our top priority and the AWS Security AppSec team is at the forefront, setting the security bar for all AWS services and products. Between proactive engagement, hands-on design and security reviews, security testing, and building scalable security automation, we work relentlessly to ensure our offerings meet or exceed our customers’ expectations for security. At AWS, we’re reinventing technology infrastructure in the cloud and looking for passionate security professionals to join us in this fun and challenging mission.

External Security Services

Team Overview: AWS External Security Services (ESS) builds and operates AWS services that help customers get security right. ESS services include Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, Amazon Macie, and Amazon Security Hub, with many more to come. This is a fast-paced team with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for delighting customers with innovative security solutions. Helping customers operate securely is the top priority at AWS and ESS is helping lead the charge. 

Security Assurance

Team Overview: AWS Security Assurance partners with customers to tackle the challenges of using the cloud for critical, sensitive, and regulated workloads. This team brings creativity and innovation to transparency, privacy, and data protection for customers. This team reaches out to the industry by educating and empowering regulators and policy makers to understand the security of the AWS cloud.

Secure All The Things

Team Overview: Secure All The Things (SAT2) is responsible for defining the innovative preventative, detective, and monitoring mechanisms to enable security at scale. We directly engage with AWS Service teams (e.g., Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and Amazon VPC) and infrastructure teams to build and drive security solutions. The team has diverse responsibilities and backgrounds. For example, we have highly technical team members that are called upon to engage with service teams to provide insight and guidance into the creation of security mechanisms that should be considered during the design phase. We are focused on building automation to monitor, alert, and take action on security events.

Security Operations

Team Overview: AWS Security Operations are the front-line responders to security issues across the AWS platform. We work deeply with AWS service teams, other internal security teams, and external parties to ensure that security risks are quickly and correctly mitigated. With multiple locations around the world, we ensure that there is always a security responder ready to act. We're also the authors behind the AWS Security Bulletins and review emails sent through our vulnerability reporting process. We're looking for talented individuals who are passionate about the intersection of cloud security and incident response.

Amazon Foundational Security Services

Team Overview: Amazon Foundational Security Services (AFSS) invents, scales, and operates services used across Amazon to secure our systems, processes, and data. We build authentication, authorization, and enforcement tools that are used by internal teams across and AWS as they build and deliver services for our customers. Our team of solution-oriented thinkers love solving problems at scale, thinking through edge cases. and iterating quickly. Our tools delight our internal customers, because they just work, so that Amazonians can focus on their service delivery to the end customers.

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