Add gamification to enhance engagement

With Alexa, you can add voice-based game elements like music, a score tracker, and real-time verbal feedback to help students stay motivated. Create a quiz skill that students can use to review important concepts and identify learning gaps. Build a competition where students play against one another (or themselves!) to answer questions about key topics. Alexa will ask questions, give players feedback on their answers, and help them keep score. Students can earn points based on the number of questions they get right and opt for challenges to get a higher score. 

Accessibility with multimodal design

To help students with a range of abilities to use your product, design with accessibility in mind. Whether a student has a permanent visual impairment or a temporary accessibility issue, Alexa can help. Visually impaired students can ask Alexa to read online text aloud and remind them of upcoming assignments. For students with mobility issues, Alexa removes the need for a keyboard or touch experience. Instead, students can dictate responses and navigate through digital programs just by using their voice.

Make it easier for students to stay on top of learning

Help students keep track of assignments, stay up to date on grades, and manage their schedules with Alexa. Students 13 and older can ask Alexa when their next assignment is due and hear announcements from their teacher or professor. Instead of having to log on to a computer, students can use their voice to see if a grade has been posted, participate in an online class discussion, and find study resources.

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