Thank you for joining us at the Educause 2016 preconference workshop on Moving to the Cloud with Amazon Web Services.  This webpage contains the tools and resources utilzed in the seminar for your use after the event.

The AWS Cloud Transformation Maturity Model (CTMM) maps the maturity of an IT organization’s process, people, and technology capabilities as they move through the journey to the AWS Cloud.  This whitepaper can guide organizatinsto measure their readiness for the AWS Cloud, buildan effective cloud transformation strategy, and drive an effective execution plan.

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AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) separates complex IT environments into manageable areas of focus. Perspectives respresent the highest-level areas of focus which span your entire organization. Perspectives are supported by Components and Activities which enable actionable plans.

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AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) offers structure to help organizations develop an efficient and effective plan for their cloud adoption journey. Guidance and best-practices prescribed within the framework can help you build a comprehensive approach to cloud computing across your organization, throughout your IT lifecycle.

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