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AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

Scalable, cost-effective application recovery to AWS

Save costs by removing idle recovery site resources, and pay for your full disaster recovery site only when needed.

Recover your applications within minutes, at their most up-to-date state or from a previous point in time.

Use a unified process to test, recover, and fail back a wide range of applications, without specialized skillsets.

Gain flexibility using AWS as your elastic recovery site, with the ability to add or remove replicating servers as needed.

How it works

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS) minimizes downtime and data loss with fast, reliable recovery of on-premises and cloud-based applications using affordable storage, minimal compute, and point-in-time recovery.
AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery how it works
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Set up AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery on your source servers to initiate secure data replication. Your data is replicated to a staging area subnet in your AWS account, in the AWS Region you select. The staging area design reduces costs by using affordable storage and minimal compute resources to maintain ongoing replication. You can perform non-disruptive tests to confirm that implementation is complete. During normal operation, maintain readiness by monitoring replication and periodically performing non-disruptive recovery and failback drills. If you need to recover applications, you can launch recovery instances on AWS within minutes, using the most up-to-date server state or a previous point in time. After your applications are running on AWS, you can choose to keep them there, or you can initiate data replication back to your primary site when the issue is resolved. You can fail back to your primary site whenever you’re ready.

Use cases

Quickly recover on-premises or cloud-based applications on AWS

Recover operations after unexpected events such as software issues or datacenter hardware failures. AWS DRS enables RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes.

Increase application resilience and availability

Help meet resilience and availability goals for your AWS-based applications, using AWS DRS to recover applications in a different AWS Region.

How to get started

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