Alexa is being used to elevate the experience of being on campus. Alexa is helping students get more from their time at college by making it easier to find out about events, connect with professors, and access resources – all without having to open their computers. Professors can use Alexa to build resources that help their students study and simplify the management of their lecture hall or classroom. For visitors, Alexa offers a convenient way to navigate campus and learn about all the school has to offer.  

Use Cases for Higher Education

Help students study

Want to help students review the material covered in class or answer the most common questions asked in a semester? With Alexa, professors can build an Alexa quiz skill to help students study – no coding required. To provide students with answers to questions about your class at any time day or night, create a virtual office hours skill that gives students answers to their most common questions about the course.

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Build smart campus experiences

Alexa-enabled devices are being used to enhance campus connectivity and to create innovative learning environments in libraries, common areas, classrooms, and conference rooms. Make it easy for students to find a space for group study with simplified room booking. Implement an easier, more seamless way for visitors to navigate campus and to discover noteworthy places. Voice enable your smart campus initiatives.

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Foster engagement and productivity

Alexa helps students stay engaged and be more productive. Students can quickly find relevant information like directions to the library, availability for academic advising appointments, and bus routes without having to click through the university website. Simply ask Alexa for instant answers to the most common questions on campus.

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Build student-driven Alexa skills

You are educating the next generation of voice designers. Give them an opportunity to engage in hands-on learning by building Alexa skills for campus. Whether it’s a 12-hour hackathon, a month-long challenge, or a semester-long course, there are many ways for students to get involved in building voice skills.  

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Alexa in Education Customers

Colleges and universities from around the world are using Alexa on campus.  


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