AWS in the Nordics

Tens of thousands of active customers, from Kry to Supercell, use AWS Cloud solutions to deliver flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

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Customer Success Stories

  • Financial Services
  • Bambora, a Swedish payments services company, gets new features to market in three months instead of 12 months using AWS.

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    Checkout Finland, part of Finland's largest bank, OP Bank, uses AWS to reduce payment times and improve uptime during peak sales periods.

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    DNB, Norway's largest finanical serives group, runs its mobile app, which is used by more than 500,000 customers, on AWS.

    AWS compliance support enabled Enfuce to be the first FinTech company to operate in the cloud with Finnish FSA approval.

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    Holvi is a digital bank for small businesses that achieved regulatory approval to operate as a bank in the cloud by working with AWS.

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    iZettle, a payments company with operations across three continents, runs most of its infrastructure, including its mission-critical payments platforms, on AWS.

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    Klarna goes all in on AWS to reduce time to market to deliver new services whilst gaining speed and & agility to increase developer satisfaction and faster decision making.

    Lunar, which provides a free mobile banking app which lets users open a bank account, receive a debit card, and get real-time transaction feeds of their spending, is all-in on AWS.

    Solinor, a card payments company in Finland, operates 90 percent faster on AWS than it did in an on-premises environment.

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    Open-banking platform Tink builds, trains, and deploys machine learning models in hours and onboards customers in a couple of days using AWS.

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    Tradeshift, an eInvoicing platform that handles billions of dollars of transactions each month, has expanded to more than 190 countries in a few years using AWS.

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    Visma, which offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) human resources and financial management applications, migrates Windows Workloads to AWS to enable agility and speed software delivery.

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    The fast-growing neobank Northmill Bank uses AWS to launch online banking services three times faster than in an on-premises environment.

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    AI-powered global identity verification and KYC solutions that build trust and transparency at scale.

    AWS helps us offer investment opportunities to customers around the world by providing scalable cloud solutions.

  • Software & Internet
  • Boost AI, a Norwegian company that provides virtual customer support, uses AWS to gain agility, enhance performance and operate in a secure and compliant manner.

    Codento uses AWS to gain agility and elasticity when operating their infrastructure, software development and method consulting for product development, IT and business. We use modern tools and methods to help your company develop software packages.

    Future Sports Media AB, a Stockholm live sports broadcaster, uses AWS to cut cost, improve development process and increase their rate of innovation.

    Geodata, a leading provider of geographical information systems (GIS) software and technical and professional services across Norway, uses AWS to reduce costs by 70%, gain scalability and store their data.

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    Hansoft, a Swedish-based company selling project management tools, uses AWS to reduce costs and maintenance times to innovate and launch new features to provide a better end customer experience.

    Read the Case Study »

    Lingit, a Norwegian company that helps children learn with Dislexia problems, uses AWS to reduce costs and time using Elastic MapReduce.

    Read the Case Study »

    Opera Software, a Norwegian software company, uses AWS to deliver content to its end users.

    Pipedrive uses AWS to develop a CRM tool now used by over 90,000 companies around the world.

    Quinyx,a Swedish software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendor of workforce management tools for enterprise organizations, uses AWS to expand globally and develop more efficient DevOps features.

    Read the Case Study »

    AWS has helped Realeyes gain agility and savings when running its operations.

    Read the Case Study »

    Symsoft, a Swedish company that sells cloud-based communications services to enterprises & software solutions to mobile operators, uses AWS to reduce lead times for projects by 30 percent and lower costs for both themselves and their customers.

    Read the Case Studies »

    Tictail, a Stockholm based company who helps retailers around the world sell their products online, uses AWS to roll out 20 to 25 features daily hence reducing go-to-market times.

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    Sinch, a Swedish software development toolkits (SDKs) provider allows developers using AWS to gain insight into operations, run predictive models and run detailed reports.

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  • Gaming
  • Abios Gaming, an esports API provider, uses AWS to collect & analyse data.

    IGDB gathers all relevant data & information about Gaming and make it available to consumers by using AWS.

    By moving to AWS, MovieStarPlanet has been able to accommodate a 30 percent increase in its user base whilst reducing the cost of running its infrastructure by 20 percent.

    Read the Case Study »

    Swedish Gaming Company Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, use AWS to manage hosting and make the game available with low latency.

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    Making games available globally and scale up infrastructure based on demand, no security concerns, Analytics.

    Read the Case Study »

    Using AWS helps Supercell keep its focus on what it does best: developing games that keep its players happy.

    Read the Case Study »

  • Manufacturing
  • Amer Sports Corporation, a Finnish sports equipment manufacturer headquartered in Helsinki, has migrated its windows workloads to AWS.

    Kemppi, the Finnish welding specialist founded in Finland in 1949, brought its IoT solution to market faster and saved 50 percent on development costs using AWS.

    Read the Case Study »

    Scania chose to partner with AWS for their cloud-first strategy,providing them with an agile,scalable,global innovation platform that allows them to quickly innovate new features and applications for their their customers and provides insights to internal stakeholders that drive business value.

    View the Customer Testimonial »

    Using AWS machine learning, data lakes, databases, and more, SKF, a bearing manufacturer founded in Sweden in 1907, is optimizing its production processes, reducing costs, and providing a better experience to its customers.

    Suunto Movescount Logo

    Suunto, the Finnish manufacturer of sports precision instruments for training, diving, and outdoor sport, launched its social movement-tracking platform on AWS.

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    Springworks, an IoT platform that collects data from millions of cars and connects their drivers with a network of services, uses AWS to deploy infrastructure quicker in a secure and compliant manner.

    Read the Case Study »

    TINE, Norway's largest producer, distributor, and exporter of dairy products, runs a data lake optimized for machine learning on AWS.

    Read the Case Study »

    Wireless Car, the world’s leading telematics service provider since 2000, uses AWS to reduce maintenance times and increase staff productivity to launch new features.

    Read the Case Study »

  • Media & Entertainment
  • Bambuser, a Swedish live mobile video-broadcasting provider uses AWS to benefit from low latency, enter new markets and store broadcast data.

    Read the Case Study »

    Burt, a Swedish media company who operates the online advertising market across the Nordics, uses AWS to reduce management time and gain insights from their data whilst reducing their costs by 50%

    Read how Burt uses Amazon Athena & AWS Glue »

    Blockbuster, a Danish TDC Group who offers transactional video-on-demand services for a fee uses AWS to reduce IT costs & maintenance workloads by 50% whilst scaling and reducing service development times.

    Read the Case Study »

    Egmont Group, a Danish Media Company, uses AWS to run video Transcoding, hosting websites and run video rendering.

    Important Looking Pirates, a visual effects (VFX) studio based in Stockholm uses AWS to cut costs and develop new customer services at a cheaper cost.

    Read the Case Study »

    The combination of the AWS product portfolio and Nordcloud’s talented, customer-focused expert team provides Sanoma Games with the scalability and durability to successfully serve millions of gamers around the world

    Read the Case Study »

  • Retail
  • Daniel Wellington, the maker of elegant yet affordable timepieces with revenues of $200 million per year, uses AWS to scale during is sales events.

    Read the Case Study »

    Digital Goodie, which provides retailers with a customizable, cloud-native connected commerce platform, reduced IT costs by 20 - 30 percent using AWS.

    Read the Case Study »

    Gelato, which makes commercial-quality printing accessible to everyone through a cloud-based print platform, used AWS to grow its business globally.

    Read the Case Study »

    Vivino, the biggest wine community in the world with 22 million users, scales up to 300 percent during the holiday season using AWS.

    Read the Case Study »

  • Other
  • Fortum is a leading power and utilities provider, headquartered in Finland, used AWS to build a one-megawatt Virtual Battery, the largest in the Nordics, which is fully operated on top of AWS.

    Read the Press Release »

    InnSpire, a Swedish based company that helps enhance the digital touchpoint for guests, uses AWS to increase developer productivity and gain agility to launch new products.

    By using AWS, Playpilot has substantially simplified administration and maintenance of their infrastructure.

    VR Finland, the government-owned railway in Finland, has accelerated the rate of delivery of new services for travelers from days to minutes and has reduced costs by more than 50%.

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