AWS re: Invent ENT 302 - Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint on AWS

Amazon EC2 running Windows Server is a secure and dependable environment for customers to deploy Microsoft Exchange Server quickly and cost effectively. The Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance program allows Microsoft volume license customers to use their existing Windows Server applications licenses, including Microsoft Exchange Server, on AWS without paying any additional Microsoft licensing fees. Take advantage of the benefits that the AWS Cloud offers, such as pay-as-you-go pricing, scalability, and data integrity to run your Microsoft Exchange workloads today.

The Get Started section below has more detail about all of the available technologies and resources for Microsoft on AWS, including pricing, documentation, whitepapers, templates and sample code.

Written with Microsoft Exchange Server IT infrastructure administrators and deployment engineers in mind, this guide discusses the process for planning and deploying a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 based messaging service in the AWS cloud. Download the Guide today!

Customers continually ask us how they can move their email to the cloud. Learn how a number of AWS customers, including Choice Logistics and Banro Corporation, have already moved their Exchange deployments to AWS from on-premises locations.


Pay only for cloud resources used.


Add 1000s of virtual machines in minutes.


Choose development platform and programming model.


Secure and durable technology platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits.


Deploy applications without waiting for hardware to arrive.


Highly reliable services and multiple fault-tolerant Availability Zones.

Running Microsoft Exchange on the AWS Cloud allows you to add capacity as needed, without a long lead time. You can easily scale up, or down-vertically (go to a higher instance type) or horizontally (add more instances) - as business demands change. Stay ahead of the curve by adjusting capacity in minutes and hours, not days or weeks.

AWS offers low, pay-as-you-go pricing, which eliminates hardware acquisition costs and allows you to pay only for the capacity you need. We do all of the hardware management, so you can focus on higher-value activities than replacing hard drives.

Reduce expenses as you no longer need to plan, procure, manage and depreciate your IT infrastructure. You can replace large up-front expenses with more predictable costs that scale with your business.

Uptime and disaster recovery are important considerations for Microsoft Exchange. Leverage multiple Availability Zones and regions on AWS to develop a highly available architecture.

The Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance program allows Microsoft volume licensing customers to move their current on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server licenses to AWS without paying additional Microsoft licensing fees. Learn more at http://aws.amazon.com/windows/mslicensemobility.

Are you interested in running Microsoft Windows Server or Windows Server applications, such as SQL, MS Exchange, or SharePoint on AWS, and would like to have an AWS Sales Representative follow-up with you about your IT project? Please Contact Us.

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