Amazon EC2 running Windows Server is a secure and dependable environment for customers to deploy Microsoft SharePoint quickly and cost effectively. The Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance program allows Microsoft volume license customers to use their existing Windows Server applications licenses, including SharePoint Server, on AWS without paying any additional Microsoft licensing fees. Take advantage of the benefits that the AWS Cloud offers such as pay-as-you-go pricing, scalability, and data integrity to run your SharePoint workloads today.

The Get Started section below has more detail about all of the available technologies and resources for Microsoft on AWS, including pricing, documentation, whitepapers, templates and sample code. The Whitepapers section now includes a guide for SharePoint 2013. If you have questions about SharePoint on AWS please visit the FAQ page for more info.


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Running SharePoint on the AWS Cloud allows you to add capacity as needed, without long lead time. You can easily scale up, or down, as business demands change. Stay ahead of the curve by adjusting capacity in minutes and hours, not days or weeks.

AWS offers low, pay-as-you-go pricing, which eliminates hardware acquisition costs and allows you to pay only for the capacity you need. We do all of the hardware management, so you can focus on higher-value activities than replacing hard drives.

While reducing both. You no longer need to plan, procure, manage, and depreciate your IT infrastructure. You can replace large up-front expenses with more predictable costs that scale with your business.

Leverage your existing investments in IT skills and software assets, enabling your company to roll out new applications more quickly. The AWS platform is OS and language agnostic, so developers can continue to use .NET and familiar tools such as Visual Studio.

The Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance program allows Microsoft volume licensing customers to move their current on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server licenses to AWS without paying additional Microsoft licensing fees. Learn more at

This reference deployment guide shows how to build a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 environment on the AWS Cloud, using services such as Amazon EC2 and Amazon VPC. It includes an AWS CloudFormation template designed to help you deploy the highly available infrastructure predictably and repeatedly. The template can also be launched directly from the AWS Quick Start page.


This white paper discusses general concepts regarding how to run SharePoint 2010 on AWS and provides detailed technical guidance on how to configure, deploy, and run a SharePoint Server farm on AWS. It illustrates common reference architecture for SharePoint Server deployment scenarios and discusses their network, security, and deployment configurations so you can run SharePoint Server workloads in the cloud with confidence.



Smartronix provides end-to-end services for SharePoint environments to develop highly scalable and highly available platforms for collaboration and knowledge management.

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Datapipe is a global managed services company with a single provider solution for managing and securing mission-critical IT services, including a SharePoint as a service offering as a turnkey solution for managing deployments on the AWS platform.

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Applied Information Sciences (AIS) is a custom application development and systems integration firm, providing software and systems engineering services to enterprise companies and the U.S. government continually leverages the Microsoft stack, including SharePoint 2010/2013.

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AvePoint provides governance and infrastructure management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, helping more than 10,000 customers including many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to meet their specific business objectives.

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Blue River employs pre-configured templates of the core components that comprise enterprise SharePoint services to facilitate customer implementation. These templates are configured to complement the AWS environment.

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Slalom Consulting helps organizations plan and implement cloud-based solutions that leverage infrastructure, platform and software as a service offerings.

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