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AWS Marketplace Adds SharePoint Enterprise

AWS Marketplace makes it simple for you to discover, buy, and deploy many different types of software packages and applications including Network Infrastructure, Security, Web Apps, Business Intelligence, Big Data, DevOps, Media, and Storage / Backup.

Access to SharePoint Enterprise
I am happy to be able to announce that SharePoint Enterprise is now available to purchase and deploy in AWS Marketplace. Designed to suit the needs of many different types and sizes of organizations up to and including multinational enterprises, SharePoint Enterprise supports custom applications, mobile applications, social media integration, business intelligence, and advanced content management (none of which is available in the entry-level SharePoint Foundation product).

This new offering helps customers to migrate their SharePoint and Windows Server workload and is made possible by the folks at Data Resolution. As a long-time SharePoint provider and Microsoft Hosting Provider, they have the background and experience needed to design and support a scalable implementation of SharePoint Enterprise in the AWS Cloud. They are already migrating one of their on-premises SharePoint customers to AWS, and are planning to work with us to produce a customer success story later this year. Data Resolution will also be offering consulting and migration services in order to make your transition to the cloud as smooth as possible.

As you will see when you launch SharePoint on your own, this implementation makes use of our new AWS Marketplace Support for Clusters and AWS Resources. The sophistication and size of the AWS implementation varies according to the product type. For example, the SharePoint Enterprise 2013 Advanced option includes single-server deployments of Active Directory 2012 and SQL Server 2012, along with a load-balanced pair of instances running Windows Server 2012.

Multiple Options
We have worked with Data Resolution to make sure that you have several different options when you choose to run SharePoint Enterprise on AWS (all of the options include phone, email, and forum support from Data Resolution):

  • Product Type – You can choose SharePoint Enterprise 2013 Basic, SharePoint Enterprise 2013 Business, or SharePoint Enterprise 2013 Advanced.
  • Pricing Model – You can start with a free trial,  pay by the hour, by the month, or annually. If you choose the annual option, the pricing reflects a 10% discount.
  • User Count – You can choose between 10, 25, and 100 user options (in this context, a user refers to someone who adds, deletes, or changes content stored in SharePoint).
  • License Type – If you already have licenses for SharePoint Enterprise 2013 Business or SharePoint Enterprise 2013 Advanced, you can make use of them as part of this offering. You can also choose an option that includes the cost of the applicable license.
  • AWS Region – You can run SharePoint Enterprise in the US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), or US West (N. California) Regions.

These options give you a lot of flexibility! You can run a small deployment of SharePoint Enterprise 2013 Basic on an hourly basis for development and testing, or to meet the needs of a short-term project or event. Or, you can run a larger deployment of SharePoint Enterprise 2013 Advanced on a permanent basis. Either way, you can choose to run in one of three US locations. All of these options will allow you to address and accommodate success and growth in usage without undue hassles.

Getting Started
You can get started at no charge by launching the free trial of SharePoint Enterprise 2013 for AWS Basic “All in One.” This offering was designed for test and development teams working on short-term projects.


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.