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QXR Studios accelerates game testing and development with Amazon GameLift Anywhere

QXR Studios accelerates game testing and development with Amazon GameLift Anywhere

A mage, a hacker, and a barbarian walk into a bar…  What sounds like the start of a joke is the ultimate vision for cyberpunk, blockchain collectible card game “Metropolis Origins”, created by game industry veterans at QXR Studios. Players build decks with cards from Government, Corporate, or Underground factions, and go up against other […]

How indie studio, Blinkmoon, builds games entirely in the cloud

How indie studio, Blinkmoon, builds games entirely in the cloud

When Hugh Behroozy started building Blinkmoon Games, a new independent studio based in Vancouver, Canada, he wanted to bring together the best talent from across the visual effects (VFX) and games industry to create the next generation of interactive experiences. The only problem was, how do you attract talent to a Vancouver-based studio when some […]

Rival Peak

Genvid Rival Peak – Customer story

Most people may remember watching reality television such as  Survivor or Big Brother. Today, Genvid has brought a modern twist to this flavor of entertainment through usage of their unique, interactive broadcasting services. Rival Peak has viewers cheer on their favorite of 12 different AI-controlled contestants and help them complete tasks around a mysterious part […]

New World

The Unique Architecture behind Amazon Games’ Seamless MMO New World

An innovative mix of Amazon EC2–powered worlds and microservices are used to create an immersive game that meets the challenging demands of scale New World is a massively popular multiplayer online (MMO) game created by Amazon Games and released in September 2021. Its users create custom characters and enter an expansive, supernatural realm called Aeternum, […]

Trouble-shooting success with 1047 Games

Stunning graphics, smooth gameplay and a massive fun factor have earned first-person-shooter game Splitgate rave reviews and an impressive 164 million downloads since its beta test just a few short months ago. Described as ‘Halo-meets-Portal’, the game sees its players run around in a sci-fi world and jump location through portals to outsmart opponents in […]

How Adtech Platform AudioMob Is Changing The Mobile Game Monetization Through Amazon Web Services

AudioMob was founded after we spotted a tremendous monetization opportunity for game developers. Rewarded video ads in mobile games have made developers and publishers money, but always at the expense of interrupting games. Yet these interruptions don’t just irritate players, they can even push them away from a game entirely, thereby damaging retention. This can […]

User player the game on a tablet

Building Our Game on AWS – Lessons Learned by Leaftail Labs

Guest post authored by Eli Tayrien, CTO and Co-founder, Leaftail Labs. Leaftail Labs was formed in 2017 by a pair of game industry veterans who saw exciting possibilities in mobile AR gaming. Our first game, Nibblity, recently launched worldwide, and we are excited to continue to deliver more excited content for you and your Nibblins […]

Dofus wallpaper from Ankama

How Ankama shifted its analytics into the cloud using Amazon Redshift

The creatively inspired studio behind Dofus and Wakfu explains how it transformed data into insights with new architecture and data warehousing. The games industry is fierce in its competitiveness and remarkable in its creativity, but few studios are as immersive in their world building across multiple media as Ankama. The studio takes each of these […]

Architecture to deploy a Perforce Helix Core server on AWS

Centralize your Game Production Assets on AWS With Perforce Helix Core

This is the second article of a two-part series. Start with part one, Build Perforce Helix Core on AWS. The need for a fast and scalable version control system has always existed but now, as games grow larger in size and complexity, studios not only need their assets stored in a central location they need […]