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Use AWS DeepLens to give Amazon Alexa the power to detect objects via Alexa skills

People are using Alexa for all types of activities in their homes, such as checking their bank balances, ordering pizza, or simply listening to their music from their favorite artists. For the most part, the primary interaction with the Echo has been your voice. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to build a […]

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Creating virtual guided navigation using a Question and Answer Bot with Amazon Lex and Amazon Alexa

If our users are using Question and Answer Bot (QnABot), and they are getting the right answers for their questions, what else can you do for them? Now you can create a bot to guide them through a series of logically connected answers. This means, for example, that the bot can guide them through the […]

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Create a questionnaire bot with Amazon Lex and Amazon Alexa

In the Create a Question and Answer Bot with Amazon Lex and Amazon Alexa blog post, we showed you how you could create a QnABot (pronounced “Q and A Bot”) for a situation in which your users have questions and you have answers. Now, what if this situation were reversed? What if you could ask […]

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New Developer Preview: Use Amazon Polly voices in Alexa skills

Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech. Using Amazon Polly you can create applications that talk and build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products. Starting today, you can apply to participate in a developer preview that allows you to use eight English (U.S.) Amazon Polly voices to narrate your Alexa skills.

If your skill uses only a single voice today, you can try changing the voice or adding different voices in the right places to provide an even more engaging experience. Developers in the preview can select a different voice for any utterance by constructing output speech using the Structured Speech Markup Language (SSML) and specifying an Amazon Polly voice using the voice tag for free in Alexa skills. Note that SSML tags that are only available through the Amazon Polly service and not through Alexa skills will not be available when you use this new capability.

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