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Discover the latest in voice technology at Alexa Live, a free virtual event for builders and business leaders

Are you interested in the latest advancements in voice and natural language processing (NLP) technology? Maybe you’re curious about how you can use these technologies to build with Alexa? We’re excited to share that Alexa Live—a free virtual developer education event hosted by the Alexa team—is back for its second year on July 22, 2020. Alexa Live is a half-day event focused on the latest advancements in voice technology and how to build delightful customer experiences with them. Attendees will learn about the latest in voice and NLP, including our AI-driven dialog manager, Alexa Conversations, and will dive deep into implementing these technologies through expert-led breakout sessions.

Explore the cutting edge of voice and NLP

Alexa Live will kick off with a keynote address from VP of Alexa Devices Nedim Fresko, who will share the latest advancements in voice technology and spotlight developers who are getting started with these technologies. You’ll see demonstrations, learn about product updates and developer tools, and hear from guest speakers who are innovating with Alexa skills and devices.

You can roll up your sleeves and dive into these technologies through breakout sessions in five dedicated tracks. During the event, you can also interact with Alexa experts through live chat.

What you’ll learn at Alexa Live

No matter how you build—or are interested in building—for Alexa, you’ll get an inside look at the latest in voice and come away with practical tips for implementing voice into your brand, device, or other project. Alexa Live features five dedicated tracks that fall into three topical areas.

Skill Development

These tracks focus on the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK). You’ll hear from Alexa product teams and third parties about creating engaging Alexa skills for multiple use cases. There are three Skill Development tracks:

  • Advanced Voice – Dive deep dive into advanced applications of voice technology—especially our AI-driven dialog manager, Alexa Conversations.
  • Multimodal Experiences – Learn how to create visually rich Alexa skills, including games.
  • On-the-Go Skills – Learn how to engage customers in new places with Alexa skills.

Device Development

The Device Development track is dedicated to enabling smart home devices and other device types with Alexa. You’ll learn from speakers from inside and outside of Amazon about how to get started or advance your device development for multiple use cases. Technologies covered include the following:

Development Services

The Development Services track is focused on Alexa solution providers that can help businesses create and implement a voice strategy through skills or devices. You’ll learn about the services these solution providers offer and hear from brands that have worked with them to bring their projects to market faster.

Sessions will explore how to develop a voice strategy with a skill-building agency and working with Alexa original design manufacturers (ODMs) and systems integrators for Alexa devices.

Register for Alexa Live today

Whether you’re a builder or a business leader, Alexa Live will help you understand the latest advancements in voice technology and equip you to add them to your own projects. Join us on July 22, 2020, for this half-day event packed with inspiration and education.

Ready to start planning your experience? Register now for free to get instant access to the full speaker and session catalog.

Looking for more? Check out the Alexa developer blog and community resources, and engage with the community on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook using the hashtag #AlexaLive. We can’t wait to see you on July 22!

About the Author

Drew Meyer is a Product Marketing Manager at Alexa. He helps developers understand the latest in AI and ML capabilities for voice so they can build exciting new experiences with Alexa. In his spare time he plays with his twin boys, mountain bikes, and plays guitar.