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Anthropic’s Claude 3.5 Sonnet ranks number 1 for business and finance in S&P AI Benchmarks by Kensho

Anthropic’s Claude 3.5 Sonnet currently ranks at the top of S&P AI Benchmarks by Kensho, which assesses large language models (LLMs) for finance and business. Kensho is the AI Innovation Hub for S&P Global. Using Amazon Bedrock, Kensho was able to quickly run Anthropic’s Claude 3.5 Sonnet through a challenging suite of business and financial […]

Generate unique images by fine-tuning Stable Diffusion XL with Amazon SageMaker

Stable Diffusion XL by Stability AI is a high-quality text-to-image deep learning model that allows you to generate professional-looking images in various styles. Managed versions of Stable Diffusion XL are already available to you on Amazon SageMaker JumpStart (see Use Stable Diffusion XL with Amazon SageMaker JumpStart in Amazon SageMaker Studio) and Amazon Bedrock (see […]

Build your multilingual personal calendar assistant with Amazon Bedrock and AWS Step Functions

This post shows you how to apply AWS services such as Amazon Bedrock, AWS Step Functions, and Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) to build a fully-automated multilingual calendar artificial intelligence (AI) assistant. It understands the incoming messages, translates them to the preferred language, and automatically sets up calendar reminders.

Medical content creation in the age of generative AI

Generative AI and transformer-based large language models (LLMs) have been in the top headlines recently. These models demonstrate impressive performance in question answering, text summarization, code, and text generation. Today, LLMs are being used in real settings by companies, including the heavily-regulated healthcare and life sciences industry (HCLS). The use cases can range from medical […]

Introducing guardrails in Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock

Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed capability that helps you securely connect foundation models (FMs) in Amazon Bedrock to your company data using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). This feature streamlines the entire RAG workflow, from ingestion to retrieval and prompt augmentation, eliminating the need for custom data source integrations and data flow […]

Prompt engineering techniques and best practices: Learn by doing with Anthropic’s Claude 3 on Amazon Bedrock

You have likely already had the opportunity to interact with generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools (such as virtual assistants and chatbot applications) and noticed that you don’t always get the answer you are looking for, and that achieving it may not be straightforward. Large language models (LLMs), the models behind the generative AI revolution, receive […]

Improve productivity when processing scanned PDFs using Amazon Q Business

Amazon Q Business is a generative AI-powered assistant that can answer questions, provide summaries, generate content, and extract insights directly from the content in digital as well as scanned PDF documents in your enterprise data sources without needing to extract the text first. Customers across industries such as finance, insurance, healthcare life sciences, and more need […]

Access control for vector stores using metadata filtering with Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock

In November 2023, we announced Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock as generally available. Knowledge bases allow Amazon Bedrock users to unlock the full potential of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) by seamlessly integrating their company data into the language model’s generation process. This feature allows organizations to harness the power of large language models (LLMs) while […]

Q business

Accenture creates a custom memory-persistent conversational user experience using Amazon Q Business

Traditionally, finding relevant information from documents has been a time-consuming and often frustrating process. Manually sifting through pages upon pages of text, searching for specific details, and synthesizing the information into coherent summaries can be a daunting task. This inefficiency not only hinders productivity but also increases the risk of overlooking critical insights buried within […]

Build a self-service digital assistant using Amazon Lex and Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock

Organizations strive to implement efficient, scalable, cost-effective, and automated customer support solutions without compromising the customer experience. Generative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbots play a crucial role in delivering human-like interactions by providing responses from a knowledge base without the involvement of live agents. These chatbots can be efficiently utilized for handling generic inquiries, freeing up […]