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Safeguard flow with Amazon Bedrock

Safeguard a generative AI travel agent with prompt engineering and Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock

In this post, we explore a comprehensive solution for addressing the challenges of securing a virtual travel agent powered by generative AI. We provide an end-to-end example and its accompanying code to demonstrate how to implement prompt engineering techniques, content moderation, and various guardrails to make sure the assistant operates within predefined boundaries by relying on Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock. Additionally, we delve into monitoring strategies to track the activation of these safeguards, enabling proactive identification and mitigation of potential issues.

Diagram depicting Amazon Bedrock Custom Model creation process using Terraform.

Streamline custom model creation and deployment for Amazon Bedrock with Provisioned Throughput using Terraform

As customers seek to incorporate their corpus of knowledge into their generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications, or to build domain-specific models, their data science teams often want to conduct A/B testing and have repeatable experiments. In this post, we discuss a solution that uses infrastructure as code (IaC) to define the process of retrieving and […]