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Monitor Amazon Transcribe applications with AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch Events

Monitoring your AWS resources is critical for security, performance, compliance, and cost control purposes. Therefore, our customers always ask for features to enable monitoring. Today, we are pleased to announce that Amazon Transcribe is integrated with AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch Events to give you more visibility and control of your Amazon Transcribe resources. Let’s take a look at each integration.

AWS CloudTrail enables you to log, continuously monitor, and retain events related to API calls to provide a history of API calls for your account. Transcribe API calls are captured from its console or from your API operations. A log of your Amazon Transcribe API calls is delivered to an Amazon S3 bucket. Using this information, you can track requests made to Amazon Transcribe, including the origination of the request, such as the source IP address, the date and time the request was made, and the parameters requested.

Amazon CloudWatch Events delivers a near real-time stream of system events that describe changes in AWS resources. You can create rules for CloudWatch Events, and events that match the rules will be routed to targets for processing. You can select Amazon Transcribe as the source, and then choose from available Amazon Transcribe detail types from a drop-down list in the CloudWatch Events console to use this service. You can configure targets for these events based on the fields in the detail section, and you can configure targets based on the success or failure of the Amazon Transcribe job. With this integration, customers using Amazon Transcribe no longer have to make constant requests to check on the status of a transcription job. Instead, customers receive notification when the job is completed.

The integration of Amazon Transcribe with AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch Events indicates our continued commitment to higher security, compliance, performance, and cost efficiency. CloudTrail and CloudWatch Events are available at no additional costs above the standard charges for Amazon Transcribe and Amazon S3. Both integrations are available in all AWS Regions that support Amazon Transcribe. Refer to the Region Table to see the list.

For more information, take a look at this Amazon Transcribe technical documentation.

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