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How small and medium businesses can win in the public sector

Across the public sector, there are many examples of how small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are innovating with the cloud to deliver successful outcomes to UK public sector customers.

To share how SMEs are playing a critical role in enabling government customers on their cloud adoption journey, while specializing their businesses to drive innovation, Amazon Web Services (AWS) created a series of videos with small business leaders from the AWS Partner Network (APN). Watch the videos to hear from SME leaders on evolving government buying habits and how new partnerships are enabling SMEs to scale to serve customers in the UK and internationally.

“Without AWS as a partner our business would not exist. AWS gives us amazing features and services that benefit our clients, which as an SME, 10 years ago we just wouldn’t have been able to access,” said James Herbert, CEO Not Binary

People, culture and new business models

In the advisory and consultancy video, the founders of Advice Cloud, Helecloud, and Not Binary discuss people, culture, and new business models. From cost and efficiency to improved user experience, service design, agility, and the ability to innovate with new services like Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Lex, learn why they believe the public sector is shifting to the cloud.

New ways of working

In the innovative cloud managed services video, hear from next-generation managed service providers (MSP) that are innovating on behalf of public sector customers across the UK. Arcus Global recently produced a system that uses Amazon Connect to automate the NHS Business Services Authority’s contact center operation, resolving 42% of the organization’s inbound calls without human intervention. Mobilise used Amazon Lex and serverless technologies to create an automated collection service for medical waste at domestic and commercial premises. Kainos, through its longstanding relationship with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), delivered an award-winning system that used machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics to identify fraud and improve testing standards across the UK.

“As a platform, we know that we can just rely on AWS technology. It’s robust, reliable, and secure. As a partner, AWS has helped us specialise our business and win customers,” said Jim Ball, Co-Founder clckwrk.

Partnering to go-to-market

The partners partnering video discusses the shift to outcome-based contracts in the UK government’s procurement process with the inception of G-Cloud. The shift has helped level the playing field, enabling new SME cloud consultancies to compete with the traditional Value-Added Resellers (VARs), MSPs, and systems integrators (SIs) for government contracts. As Version 1 and PA Consulting discuss, traditional public sector suppliers are creating new working partnerships that combine the experience of traditional suppliers with SME’s deep and specialist understanding of AWS services to deliver innovative solutions for the public sector.

“It’s exciting to see our community of partners collaborate to deliver successful outcomes for our public sector customers,” said John Newson, Manager, Public Sector Partners, UK&I, AWS.

Investing to scale

AWS is investing in people, platforms, and programs to support APN partners to scale, allowing them to specialize and meet the specific demands of public sector customers across the UK. In the scale video, we interview BJSS and Kainos, APN partners that have experienced rapid and recent growth in their businesses, and continue to invest in building out their service capabilities, hiring and developing new talent, and new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

For more information about how APN partners are driving public sector innovations visit the AWS Partner Network (APN) website.