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AWS branded background design with text overlay that says "How EdTech and workforce development companies drive business success through AWS Marketplace"

How EdTech and workforce development companies drive business success through AWS Marketplace

Recognizing the value that public sector and education buyers can realize through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, an increasing number of education technology (EdTech) and workforce development companies are listing their products there. In this post, we feature some of our top education and workforce sellers and highlight how listing on AWS Marketplace has positively impacted their business growth and goals.

photo showing the fireside chat that took place between, seated from left to right, Jason Bonci, Thomas Siebel, and Jeff Kratz

Top highlights from AWS worldwide public sector partners at re:Invent 2023

Jeff Kratz, vice president of worldwide public sector channels and alliances at Amazon Web Services (AWS), has attended 11 re:Invent conferences and continues to be awestruck by the innovative ideas and value that AWS Partners bring to customers. For those who were unable to attend or watch virtually, Jeff summarizes some of re:Invent 2023’s key partner highlights in this blog post.

AWS branded background with text overlay that says "Supporting security assessors in the Canadian public sector with AWS and Deloitte"

Supporting security assessors in the Canadian public sector with AWS and Deloitte

In this blog post, learn how Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps Government of Canada (GC) customers move workloads into production in the AWS Canadian Regions. This requires putting their workloads through the Security Assessment & Authorization (SA&A) process and can pose headwinds for GC customers developing applications to support digital modernization efforts.

Applying AI in Healthcare: Netsmart AI Data Lab

Applying AI in Healthcare: Netsmart AI Data Lab

Healthcare organizations across the nation are working to address clinician burnout and are more constrained than ever. That’s why Netsmart, an industry leader in electronic health records for human services and post-acute care, and Amazon Web Services joined forces to advance artificial intelligence for community-based care providers, through the development of an AI Data Lab. By combining the scale and power of AWS with the Netsmart CareFabric® platform, Netsmart is driving intelligent automation, generative AI, predictive analytics, natural language processing and risk models to improve care delivery and outcomes for community-based care providers.

Driving people-centered digital transformation in public safety with AWS

Driving people-centered digital transformation in public safety with AWS

Justice and public safety experts spoke in a panel at the IMAGINE 2023 conference for education, state, and local leaders. The panelists explored how the AWS Cloud can facilitate collaboration, connection, and communication to support public safety organizations, and they identified three ways cloud technology can help law enforcement work better internally, in partnership with other organizations, and with the people they serve.

Accelerating economic research at UBC with high performance computing using RONIN and AWS

Dr. Kevin Leyton-Brown and Neil Newman are computer scientists at the University of British Columbia (UBC) working at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and microeconomic theory. Their research demands large-scale, high-performance computing, in episodic bursts, to run parallel simulations of complex auctions. When Leyton-Brown and Newman began research into the computationally complex auction theory behind the 2016 United States wireless spectrum auction, their ML models required significantly more computing power than their on-premises infrastructure could provide. The UBC team turned to RONIN, an AWS Partner, and the virtually unlimited infrastructure of the AWS Cloud, to accelerate their time to answers and new discoveries.

two students walking away from camera through a campus common area

How Hartnell College recovered critical systems using AWS after a cyber attack

Cyber events are unfortunately becoming a common event in higher education. When Hartnell College experienced a cyber event in 2022, they used AWS while working with AWS Partner Ferrilli to recover and rebuild their systems. Based on the lessons learned from Hartnell College’s experience, higher education leaders can explore certain steps to better prevent and prepare against cyber events.

Top 10 highlights from the Public Sector Partner Forum at the AWS Summit Washington, DC

At the AWS Public Sector Partner Forum on the second day of the AWS Summit Washington, DC, Jeff Kratz shared how AWS is inventing and simplifying for AWS Partners, and innovating on behalf of our customers. More than 350 AWS Partners joined for the AWS Partner Forum, but there are thousands more around the world that weren’t able to join. Learn some of the highlights, announcements, and more from the forum.

Accelerating public health innovation with AWS Partners

Public health agencies are looking to modernize their infrastructure to make sure that their health solutions can scale equitably and reliably in any situation. Many governmental public health agencies across the US look to AWS and the AWS Partner Network to help them innovate quickly. Learn how AWS brought together three governmental public health agencies and partners to create scalable solutions that support public health.