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AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners validated through the AWS Service Delivery Program have developed the offerings listed below to help you adopt and implement our services at scale. These AWS Partner offerings have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success.



Apps Associates

Apps Associates’ Cloud Services Practice includes service offerings in Application/Database/Data Center Migration & Hosting, Application Modernization, Big Data/IoT and Managed Services (MSP 3.0). These services are an extension of the firm’s consulting service portfolio and competencies in enterprise applications, analytics, infrastructure & application managed services, application custom development. AWS services such as API Gateway are integral to the business plan and growth strategy of Apps Associates and our Cloud Services practice as a foundation to support the Business Transformation initiatives and evolution of our clients.

Big Compass

Big Compass API Gateway Specialization

Big Compass has an integration background that allows it to quickly help businesses migrate from legacy/iPaas solutions to AWS Lambda serverless integrations on AWS. APIs are a major factor in using integrations as a competitive advantage.

BizCloud Experts

BizCloud Experts API Gateway Specialization

Develop, Deploy, and Maintain secure APIs on AWS.

600x400_Candid Partners

Candid Partners

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Candid Partners combines enterprise-class scale with born-in-the-cloud expertise to assist enterprises with complex cloud initiatives. We leverage serverless computing to design scalable, efficient, and elegant next-generation architectures.



No matter where you are in your journey to the cloud, Cascadeo will support your team with a variety of Cloud Consulting Services and flexible service levels that align with your strategic goals and budget.



Using open source foundations, Cedrus’s team of designers, architects, developers, and DevOps SMEs build and integrate cloud-native applications that run on AWS-based environments with security at the forefront.

CleanSlate Technology Group

CleanSlate Technology Group

CleanSlate helps clients to create, maintain, and secure APIs at any scale with AWS API Gateway solutions.



ClearScale is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner. We have deep expertise with high volume, high variety, and high velocity Big Data cloud projects. We offer the full range of Big Data services including architecture design and infrastructure migration, data integration, systems integration, automation, management, and application development using AWS Big Data services.

Coda Global

Coda Global

Coda Global is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, which means when you engage us, you'll be working with a team that's been vetted for its experience with AWS Cloud.

Gavant Software

Gavant Software

Gavant Software is a custom software development firm that helps companies modernize and transform their business. It services a broad range of industries, providing software solutions that align with digital strategy and digital transformation. 


Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi’s developers are re-imagining core systems as microservices, building APIs using modern RESTful architectures, and taking advantage of robust, off-the-shelf API management platforms. And Hitachi Vantara has developed an analytics tool, Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA), that can provide predictive analytics by mining telemetry data from servers, storage appliances, networking systems, and virtual machines to optimize performance, troubleshoot issues, and forecast when a business may need to buy new storage systems.


IO Connect Services

IO Connect Services has the experience and knowledge in serverless services, specializing in Amazon API Gateway to help customers reduce costs.



iOLAP's focus on the modern data platform allows it to quickly and effectively create business value from an increasing volume, velocity, and variety of data assets. They have a passion for creating solutions that de-risk innovation, deliver repeatable frameworks, and unlock the power of data assets.



Kapstone helps clients migrate from on-premises/server-based solutions to serverless cloud solutions with specific expertise with Amazon API Gateway.


Klika Tech

Klika Tech helps customers and partners co-create, custom tailor, and precisely integrate cloud solutions that proactively encompass the operating, financial, and technical requirements for scaling long-term use of AWS.

MobiCycle Consulting

MobiCycle Consulting

MobiCycle Consulting's certified consultants develop, deploy, and manage the optimal API Gateway for each customers' use case, whether for authorization, access control enforcement, or rate limiting for microservices. MobiCycle Consulting provides consulting services for customers needing a REST or Websockets API.



Mobiquity builds custom software for clients across verticals, with mobile, IoT, and Amazon Alexa voice applications at the core of what we deliver. Mobiquity has standardized custom software builds on AWS. These always require governing and controlling access via a gateway to control and externalize services to client endpoints. Mobiquity routinely builds Amazon API Gateway into their clients’ infrastructure so that they have a common set of business logic that can be used for securely connecting multiple digital engagement channels. Mobiquity uses Amazon API Gateway in tandem with Amazon Cognito and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to ensure that their solutions can handle both authenticated and unauthenticated users.


Mphasis Stelligent

Mphasis-Stelligent supports its customers by implementing the automation that allows for the testing, deployment, and configuration of AWS resources and customer applications. An integral capability of any well-architected solution is scalable implementations based on abstract services, where possible, such as using Amazon API Gateway to help customers create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure their APIs at any scale.


Pattern Match

Pattern Match's experienced engineers help clients design, develop, and maintain robust and scalable APIs using Amazon API Gateway. 



As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, is a global technology consulting company at the forefront of cloud computing. Through collaboration with Amazon Web Services, we help customers embrace a broad spectrum of innovative solutions. From a migration strategy to operational excellence, cloud-native development, and immersive transformation, is a full spectrum integrator.

Pi5 often selects Amazon API Gateway as the best solution for customer projects because its ability to scale helps to process as many API calls as requested.


R Systems

Create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale using API Gateway.

R Systems uses Amazon API Gateway to transform, connect, and secure APIs across any combination of cloud, container, or on-premises environments.



Toptal is an elite network of AWS certified engineers, data scientists, and project managers that enables companies to scale their teams on-demand. Toptal serves over 10,000 clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, delivering expertise and world-class solutions.



Trek10 has been using Amazon API Gateway almost exclusively as an HTTP endpoint for AWS Lambda functions since its release. They find great success leveraging Amazon API Gateway as a proxy for AWS system management. For example, as a best practice, delivering a secure endpoint to update a AWS CloudFormation stack and conjuring an AWS Lambda function’s IAM with the necessary update permissions is recommended over providing a customer with an API and long-lived access key with update permissions. We integrate Amazon API Gateway with Amazon Cognito and Auth0 for access control.




Blazeclan is equipped to provide you with the methods needed to develop cloud-native applications. Additionally, Blazeclan provides you with the capability to drive business digitization and agility by developing feature-rich business applications.

brillo logo


Brillio enables clients to take advantage of Amazon API Gateway to provide custom RESTful endpoints acting as unified front end for AWS Lambda services by encapsulating details and optimizing communication between clients and application.


Nextlink is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with an Amazon API Gateway Delivery designation who provide tools and services to help customers create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure their APIs at any scale.



With passion and expertise in cloud computing solutions, big data, marketing and commerce, DevOps and managed services, Rapyder is a provider of strategic cloud consulting.




Alite-International is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with the proven capability to design, build, deploy, and manage cloud solutions on AWS. Among many AWS services, one of our specialties is Amazon API Gateway and API solutions in general



Cloudreach is a Premier AWS Consulting Partner who delivers strategy, planning, implementation and business transformation. Cloudreach has delivered a number of projects to customers in North America and Europe, many of these projects involved serverless architectures where AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway played a key part. They also invest heavily in operational services and operations capabilities to sustain performance and service quality for their customers.


Codecentric AG

The full potential of the cloud is possible with Codecentric AG's microservices approach with containers or a serverless approach. They support you in developing your new application or migrating to a cloud-optimized architecture.



Corley is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that helps companies of all sectors and sizes to create cloud-based applications, and to exploit scalable and performing infrastructures to create digital products.


Ippon Technologies

Due to Ippon's experience in end-to-end software development and consulting through their discovery to delivery offering, Ippon has built up a strong experience in cloud-native application development and is able to guide you through your cloud transformation.



Revolgy has a team of cloud architects to help you with technical implementation and change management experts to help you with adoption of new technologies with added expertise in Amazon API Gateway, Kubernetes and serverless technologies. Revolgy can help with lift-and-shift migrations to AWS, updates of system architecture to be able to take advantage of the cloud.



Singlepoint is an Irish consulting company focusing on working closely with their customers and delivering the best solutions for your business. Singlepoint provides the following services: Consulting, DevOps, Systems Integrations, Microservices, and Infrastructure.



Amazon API Gateway is a vital tool for running serverless architectures. tecRacer has delivered many solutions combining the Amazon API Gateway with AWS Lambda and the AWS IoT service, from delivering business intelligence applications to real-time monitoring platforms.



Consultora Tecnológica Aligare Ltda.

Aligare, an AWS Select Consulting Partner, worked hard in developing expertise of AWS services to meet the different requirements that customers have today.


Technical skills are not enough if they don't support the customers' business. BRLink's team of trained and certified specialists has one goal: To be your partner in the AWS Cloud! As a Premier AWS Consulting Partner in the Managed Service Provider Program, BRLink is able to offer their customers best practices for managed services in the AWS Cloud along with deep experience demonstrated by their AWS Service Delivery designations for Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda.



Droptek creates secure, highly scalable solutions that do not require investment in technological infrastructure.


Morris & Opazo

Securely store all of your data in one place, where it is available to a broad set of processing and analytical engines that will provide valuable information, shed light on the future, and allow you to make better and more accurate decisions to truly be in control of your business.

Sophos Solutions

Sophos Solutions

Sophos has a center of excellence in cloud technologies, offering best practices for serverless applications using AWS services, such as AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon S3.

Japan Partners



Classmethod’s mission is “to support the creative activities of everyone”. We consult, design and develop systems specialized in Amazon Web Services (AWS), mobile applications, and big data analytics.

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