AWS Transit Gateway

Easily scale connectivity across thousands of Amazon VPCs, AWS accounts, and on-premises networks

AWS Transit Gateway is a service that enables customers to connect their Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and their on-premises networks to a single gateway. As you grow the number of workloads running on AWS, you need to be able to scale your networks across multiple accounts and Amazon VPCs to keep up with the growth. Today, you can connect pairs of Amazon VPCs using peering. However, managing point-to-point connectivity across many Amazon VPCs, without the ability to centrally manage the connectivity policies, can be operationally costly and cumbersome. For on-premises connectivity, you need to attach your AWS VPN to each individual Amazon VPC. This solution can be time consuming to build and hard to manage when the number of VPCs grows into the hundreds.

With AWS Transit Gateway, you only have to create and manage a single connection from the central gateway in to each Amazon VPC, on-premises data center, or remote office across your network. Transit Gateway acts as a hub that controls how traffic is routed among all the connected networks which act like spokes. This hub and spoke model significantly simplifies management and reduces operational costs because each network only has to connect to the Transit Gateway and not to every other network. Any new VPC is simply connected to the Transit Gateway and is then automatically available to every other network that is connected to the Transit Gateway. This ease of connectivity makes it easy to scale your network as you grow.

Introducing AWS Transit Gateway


Easier connectivity

Simplify how you interconnect all of your of VPCs, across thousands of AWS accounts and into your on-premises networks. You can easily and quickly connect into a single centrally-managed gateway, rapidly growing the size of your network. 

Better visibility and control

With centralized monitoring and controls you can easily manage all of your Amazon VPCs and edge connections in a single console. Your teams can also quickly identify issues and react to events on your network. 

On-demand bandwidth

Expand your network quickly to get the bandwidth you need to transfer large amounts of data for your applications or to enable your migration to the cloud. Quickly add Amazon VPCs to your network without having to provision additional connections from your on-premises networks to AWS. 

How it works


Simplify how you connect Amazon VPCs and VPNs

Without AWS Transit Gateway


You needed to peer each Amazon VPC to each other and to each onsite location using a VPN connection which can be complex as its scales.

With AWS Transit Gateway


You simply connect each Amazon VPC or VPN to the AWS Transit Gateway and it will route traffic to and from each VPC or VPN.

Use cases

Deliver your applications to employees around the world

Build applications that span thousands of Amazon VPCs without the operational burden of managing a distributed network. Connecting and managing hundreds or thousands of VPCs via peering requires massive route tables which is difficult to deploy, manage and can be error prone. Now, there are far fewer routes to configure since you only configure the route to AWS Transit Gateway rather than to each VPC. 

Build a global network

As your network grows to support more users in different parts of the world, you will need to scale AWS services within your network. With AWS Transit Gateway, you can easily share AWS services, such as DNS, Active Directory, and IPS/IDS, across all of your Amazon VPCs. 

Smooth the impact of peak-demands on your workloads

Peak demand is often unpredictable. You need to be able to easily and quickly grow network capacity. With AWS Transit Gateway you can easily add more Amazon VPCs and AWS accounts to support increased demands on your workloads.

Use an AWS Transit Gateway to Simplify your Architecture
Blog by Jeff Barr
November 26, 2018
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