“Trend Micro builds cybersecurity solutions to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. AWS Transit Gateway helps us to achieve that by reducing cost and simplified management in hundreds of VPN connects in 7 AWS regions and 5 data centers.”

Alex Kuo, Senior Director - Trend Micro

Trend Micro scales its global network of VPCs with AWS Transit Gateway (1:20)
"AWS Transit Gateway enables customers to interconnect all of their Amazon VPCs and easily connect those VPCs to on-premise networks. Together, Aviatrix Orchestrator and AWS Transit Gateway create an integrated architecture that further simplifies transit network operations by automating multi-account management, route propagation, and security policies of AWS Transit Gateway.”

Sherry Wei, CTO and Founder - Aviatrix

"Autodesk creates software services for industries such as architecture, engineering, manufacturing, media, and entertainment. They leverage AWS Transit Gateway to do this work. Transit Gateway simplifies the management of Amazon Virtual Private Clouds in their cloud infrastructure. This enables our engineering teams to easily scale our network to deliver simple yet robust standardized solutions to support our global workflows.”

Steve Litras, Director of Infrastructure Services - Autodesk

“AWS Transit Gateway radically evolved and simplified cloud networking. Using Transit Gateway, we reduced the time to interconnect new VPCs and on-premise networks from weeks to minutes while attaining consistent and more reliable network performance!”

Khoder Shamy, Director, Cloud Platform and Infrastructure - Fuze

"Fortinet builds solutions that help customers secure their digital Innovation initiatives spanning across datacenters and AWS. As organizations increase their AWS footprint, the need to easily connect to and segment VPC’s using FortiGate NGFW Technology increases. AWS Transit Gateway helps Fortinet offer easier to manage and more scalable network security solutions in the cloud, making it more natural to extend security from on premise to AWS."

Lior Cohen, Sr. Director Cloud Security - Fortinet

General Dynamics
“With the release of AWS Transit Gateway (TGW), GDIT was able to evaluate and implement a much-anticipated upgrade to the network architecture for one of our federal customers. The AWS environment, which included over 700 VPCs leveraging TGW provided greater performance, reliability and security while reducing overall complexity and saving millions of dollars in operating costs.”

Ken Zipin, Vice President, Health Solutions - GDIT

“At Gracenote, we provide music, video and sports metadata and automatic content recognition (ACR) technologies to some of the biggest brands around the world. The Transit Gateway technology allows us to isolate spend and reduce blast radius with less complexity at scale without creating network silos. This enables Gracenote to manage our global workflows more efficiently while providing the recognition, contextualization and actionable insights that help power the most popular entertainment platforms and devices.”

Dr. L. Alex Linden Levy, VP of Engineering - Gracenote, a Nielsen Company

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“Barracuda builds cloud -enabled, enterprise-grade security solutions that are easy to buy, deploy, and use. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Barracuda provides solutions that are APN Security Certified and validated by AWS. Leveraging AWS Transit Gateway to route traffic between regions and scale elastically based on network traffic has reduced complexity, increased standardization and alleviated management burden.”

Tim Jefferson, SVP of Data, Network and Application Security - Barracuda

VMware Carbon Black
"VMware Carbon Black is a leader in cloud-native endpoint protection dedicated to keeping the world safe from cyberattacks. AWS Transit Gateway provides a reliable medium to connect VPCs to VPCs, and VPCs to on premise infrastructure easily, securely, and efficiently while keeping scalability in mind. AWS Transit Gateway enables our engineers to work on hundreds of VPCs to innovate state of the art endpoint security products and provides our security operations team with network visibility and control without compromising performance and bandwidth."

Dilip Thapa, Site Reliability Engineer - VMware Carbon Black

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