Local government technologists are looking to the cloud to test ideas quickly and inexpensively, scale with their citizens’ needs and reduce wasteful infrastructure expenditures.  We encourage these innovators to submit their solutions to the City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge.  Whether you are a local government using an AWS solution or an application developer, we want to hear from you!

Our panel of expert judges will review the finalists and select winners.  By clicking the links on this page to submit an entry into the contest, you acknowledge and agree as follows:  You have read and you agree to the Official Rules and you satisfy all eligibility requirements. You will be taken to the YouNoodle.com website at: https://www.younoodle.com/competitions/cityonacloud to complete and submit your entry. Each entry submitted in this contest will be submitted directly to YouNoodle, Inc. (“YouNoodle”) and treated in accordance with the AWS Privacy Notice. YouNoodle’s servers are located in the United States. If you take part in YouNoodle.com’s network and submit information (such as information about you or your company, your email address, or a photo of you) to YouNoodle, that information will be subject to YouNoodle.com’s Privacy Policy.

This award recognizes local governments who have already adopted cloud technology. Three (3) awards of US$50,000 in promotional credit from AWS for Paid Services (as defined in the Official Rules) will be awarded to existing AWS local government customers in eligible countries around the world--one for a local government serving up to 50,000 people, one for a mid-sized local government serving between 50,001 and 250,000 people and one for a large local government serving over 250,000 people.  The judging criteria for the award includes: uniqueness of the approach to the problem being solved; measurable impact of that approach for citizens; and potential to help other local or regional governments solve a similar problem.

Ready to submit your existing local government project?  Enter your project here.

Read complete eligibility requirements and contest rules here.

This award recognizes application developers (individuals or companies) engaged in creating applications that solve local government challenges. Four (4) awards of US$25,000 in promotional credit from AWS for Paid Services (as defined in the Official Rules) each will be awarded to application developers who can demonstrate that their application solves a particular challenge faced by local government entities. The application must be running on AWS and available for local governments to deploy on AWS. The judging criteria for the award includes: usefulness of the application; how innovative the approach is to the problem being solved; and ease of deployment/implementation of the application.

Are you an application developer who has created an app for the AWS Marketplace in 2014?  Enter your application now.

Read the complete eligibility requirements and contest rules here.

AWS simplifies IT workloads that governments struggle with every day, making it easier to deploy and manage the technology our customers depend on, such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Content Management Systems (CMS), Open Data portals, and more. All of these applications run on AWS and make it easier for governments to deliver their services.

Register for the demo and spend 24 hours seeing how applications created by companies like ESRI, Microsoft and DKAN perform on the AWS cloud.

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The applications being provided are for demonstration purposes only and they should not be used for production purposes. All data that you submit while using these applications will not be retrievable after the demonstration period ends.

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