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Exploring images on social media using Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Athena

If you’re like most companies, you wish to better understand your customers and your brand image. You’d like to track the success of your marketing campaigns, and the topics of interest—or frustration—for your customers. Social media promises to be a rich source of this kind of information, and many companies are beginning to collect, aggregate, […]

Adding AI to your applications with ready-to-use models from AWS Marketplace

Machine learning (ML) lets enterprises unlock the true potential of their data, automate decisions, and transform their business processes to deliver exponential value to their customers. To help you take advantage of ML, Amazon SageMaker provides the ability to build, train, and deploy ML models quickly. Until recently, if you used Amazon SageMaker, you could […]

Custom deep reinforcement learning and multi-track training for AWS DeepRacer with Amazon SageMaker RL Notebook

AWS DeepRacer, launched at re:Invent 2018, helps developers get hands on with reinforcement learning (RL).  Since then, thousands of people have developed and raced their models at 21 AWS DeepRacer League events at AWS Summits across the world, and virtually via the AWS DeepRacer console. Beyond the summits there have been several events at AWS […]

Developing a business strategy by combining machine learning with sensitivity analysis

Machine learning (ML) is routinely used by countless businesses to assist with decision making. In most cases, however, the predictions and business decisions made by ML systems still require the intuition of human users to make judgment calls. In this post, I show how to combine ML with sensitivity analysis to develop a data-driven business […]

AWS DeepRacer League: The Championship lineup is complete, making for an exciting re:Invent 2019 final!

The AWS DeepRacer League is the world’s first autonomous racing league, open to anyone. Announced at re:Invent 2018, it puts machine learning in the hands of every developer in a fun and exciting way. Since March 2019, thousands of developers of all skill levels have competed for the chance to advance to the Championship Cup […]

Building an interactive and scalable ML research environment using AWS ParallelCluster

When it comes to running distributed machine learning (ML) workloads, AWS offers you both managed and self-service offerings. Amazon SageMaker is a managed service that can help engineering, data science, and research teams save time and reduce operational overhead. AWS ParallelCluster is an open-source, self-service cluster management tool for customers who wish to maintain more […]

Accenture drives machine learning growth in one of the world’s largest private AWS DeepRacer Leagues

Accenture has a rich history of helping customers all over the world build artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) powered solutions with AWS services. In doing so, they always look for new and engaging ways to develop their teams with the appropriate level of enablement and hands-on training. Accenture’s next ML initiative is rolling […]

AWS Machine Learning Research Awards Call for Proposal

Academic research and open-source software development are at the forefront of machine learning (ML) technology development. Since 2017, the AWS Machine Learning Research Awards (MLRA) has been aiming to advance machine learning by funding innovative research, training students, and providing researchers with access to the latest technology. MLRA has supported over 100 cutting-edge ML projects, […]

Optimizing portfolio value with Amazon SageMaker automatic model tuning

Financial institutions that extend credit face the dual tasks of evaluating the credit risk associated with each loan application and determining a threshold that defines the level of risk they are willing to take on. The evaluation of credit risk is a common application of machine learning (ML) classification models. The determination of a classification […]

Your guide to artificial Intelligence and machine learning at re:Invent 2019

With less than 40 days to re:Invent 2019, the excitement is building up and we are looking forward to seeing you all soon! Continuing our journey on artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are bringing a lot of technical content this year, with over 200 breakout sessions, deep-dive chalk talks, hands-on exercises with workshops featuring […]