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Improving inclusion and accessibility through automated document translation with an open source app using Amazon Translate

Organizations often offer support in multiple languages, saying “contact us for translations.” However, customers who don’t speak the predominant language often don’t know that translations are available or how to request them. This can lead to poor customer experience and lost business. A better approach is proactively providing information in multiple languages so customers can […]

Automate chatbot for document and data retrieval using Agents and Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock

Numerous customers face challenges in managing diverse data sources and seek a chatbot solution capable of orchestrating these sources to offer comprehensive answers. This post presents a solution for developing a chatbot capable of answering queries from both documentation and databases, with straightforward deployment. Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that offers a choice […]

Develop generative AI applications to improve teaching and learning experiences

Recently, teachers and institutions have looked for different ways to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their curriculums, whether it be teaching about machine learning (ML) or incorporating it into creating lesson plans, grading, or other educational applications. Generative AI models, in particular large language models (LLMs), have dramatically sped up AI’s impact on education. Generative […]

Build end-to-end document processing pipelines with Amazon Textract IDP CDK Constructs

September 2023: This post was reviewed and updated. Intelligent document processing (IDP) with AWS helps automate information extraction from documents of different types and formats, quickly and with high accuracy, without the need for machine learning (ML) skills. Faster information extraction with high accuracy can help you make quality business decisions on time, while reducing […]

How Intel Olympic Technology Group built a smart coaching SaaS application by deploying pose estimation models – Part 1

February 9, 2024: Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose has been renamed to Amazon Data Firehose. Read the AWS What’s New post to learn more. The Intel Olympic Technology Group (OTG), a division within Intel focused on bringing cutting-edge technology to Olympic athletes, collaborated with AWS Machine Learning Professional Services (MLPS) to build a smart coaching software […]