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NAB Best in Market 2021 Winner badge

This year, Future Publishing put forward its Best in Market awards (previously Best of Show at NAB) to recognize innovation and excellence in newly introduced professional TV/video, radio/audio, and AV products and solutions.

“We were impressed with the quality and innovation demonstrated by this year’s Best in Market nominees, ” said Tom Butts, TV Tech Editor in Chief. “The products and services that were selected made the cut – they demonstrated their ability to help advance the acquisition and distribution of entertainment and information across the media spectrum.”

Amazon Web Services (AWS) received Best in Market 2021 award wins for Amazon Nimble Studio from TV Technology and for AWS Elemental Link UHD from Broadcasting+Cable. Each are in the portfolio of the AWS for Media & Entertainment (M&E) initiative, which features services and solutions from AWS and AWS Partners that are built specifically for content creators, rights holders, producers, broadcasters, and distributors.

AWS for M&E makes it easier for media and entertainment customers to select the right tools and partners for their highest-priority workloads, accelerate production launches, and see faster time to value. Learn more about AWS for M&E industry solutions and read on for information about Nimble Studio and Elemental Link UHD. These offerings help customers better use the cloud for content production, broadcast, and live event applications.

Set up and quickly scale content production with Amazon Nimble Studio

Amazon Nimble Studio empowers creative studios to produce visual effects, animation, and interactive content entirely in the cloud, from storyboard sketch to final deliverable. Launched April 2021, the service enables customers to set up a content production studio in hours instead of weeks, with elasticity that provides near limitless scale and on-demand rendering access. Customers can rapidly onboard and collaborate with artists from anywhere in the world, and produce content faster and more cost efficiently using virtual workstations, high-speed storage, and scalable rendering across the globe. There are no upfront fees to use Nimble Studio, and customers only pay for the underlying AWS services used.

Simple, cost-effective, and secure UHD live video encoding with AWS Elemental Link

AWS Elemental Link UHD is an intuitive encoding device that connects a live video source, like a camera or video production equipment on the ground, to AWS Elemental MediaLive in the cloud, enabling broadcast-grade live video streaming of ultra-high definition (UHD) video with up to 10-bit color depth and high dynamic range (HDR) support. Launched in June 2021, the portable device improves the quality and reliability of UHD live video streams for production professionals in the field while reducing the cost and complexity of equipment needed to move live video signals from on-premises technology into the cloud. Link UHD ships fully configured to a user’s AWS account, offering an easy, cost-efficient way to transfer UHD video securely and reliably to MediaLive for delivery to viewers on a range of device types. Both high HDR 10 and HLG video outputs are supported. Using the device is as simple as connecting it to power, Ethernet, and a video source. It can be controlled remotely and monitored from anywhere with an internet connection using the AWS Management Console.

AWS for M&E aligns the most purpose-built capabilities of any cloud with five solution areas to help customers transform media workloads, follow these links to learn more: Content ProductionMedia Supply Chain & ArchiveBroadcastDirect-to-Consumer & Streaming; and Data Science & Analytics.

Lisa Epstein

Lisa Epstein

Lisa Epstein is a Senior Industry Marketing Manager at Amazon Web Services.