Media Supply Chain & Archive

Award-winning, purpose-built capabilities to centralize and store media operations in the cloud

Centralize content storage, processing, creation, and distribution operations from the ground to the cloud with Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award-winning, industry-specific capabilities for media supply chain and archiving.  AWS has unmatched experience supporting supply chain from ingest, processing, creation, and distribution to and from the cloud—as well as more than 80 AWS Partners with dedicated tools for media supply chain and archive applications.

Media2Cloud: Architecture for the Formula 1 Legacy


Most reliable storage option for media archives

Customer secure media archives using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) which is designed for 99.999999999% durability (11 9's), providing industry-leading performance, scalability, and availability. The Amazon S3 Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage classes allow you to archive older media content affordably, then move it to Amazon S3 for distribution when needed.

Intelligence solutions to unlock metadata from content libraries

AWS offers ready-made solutions to migrate video assets to the cloud and use machine learning to apply metadata and extract insights for downstream applications. Customers can reduce human involvement needed to analyze and extract valuable metadata from video using Amazon Rekognition for highly accurate object, scene, and activity detection—and apply brand safety, ad placements, and content tagging.

Largest partner network to transform your supply chain

More than 80 AWS Partners provide dedicated tools for Media Supply Chain & Archive use cases, including Dalet, SDVI, and Telestream. AWS won a Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award in 2020 with AWS Partners Evertz and SDVI Corporation, and customers Discovery and FOX NE&O for a public cloud-based media supply chain covering ingest, management, and delivery.

Media Supply Chain & Archive solutions and services

Custom-built solutions


Set up a serverless end-to-end ingest workflow to move your video assets to the cloud and analyze and extract valuable metadata from your video and images.

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Media Exchange on AWS

Create a mechanism in AWS for transferring media assets with your business partners.

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AWS services

Customer stories

IMDb video team builds strategies for the future using AWS

Looking to supplement its on-premises storage with a system that could scale to meet data storage needs that were growing at 50–100 TB per year, IMDb, an Amazon company, turned to Amazon Web Services.

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Game character standing in front of a emerald-hued sky

Nippon implements cloud playout using AWS

Learn how Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV) uses its playout system to perform tasks such as switching between a live feed and a pre-recorded asset, controlling and editing the progress of a TV program, and switching video sources on AWS.

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A+E moves content library to AWS

A+E Networks discuss the drivers that prompted it shift from on-premises technology to deploying more than 90% of its infrastructure on the cloud, as well as lessons about culture, organizational structure, and technology.

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Game character standing in front of a emerald-hued sky

Discovery, the first media company to move its entire media operation to the cloud

Discovery migrated its on-premises playout infrastructure to Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3, cutting costs by 61 percent, increasing agility and staff productivity, and improving service for customers.

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MGM partners with AWS to modernize its media supply chain

MGM is migrating its content library and critical SAP workloads to AWS to power its media supply chain as well as support its content rights and distribution processes. Running on AWS, MGM will distribute content across multiple platforms quickly and at scale.

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AWS Partners for Media Supply Chain & Archive

Discover purpose-built media and entertainment solutions and services from an extensive network of AWS Partners who have demonstrated technical expertise and customer success in building solutions on AWS.

"IMT, the expert in media and entertainment technology and MAM solutions, along with SoDA data management software, enables customers to create cost-efficient hybrid cloud workflows and archive throughout the media supply chain." 

- Jason Kranitz, President - Systems Integration, IMT + SoDA

“True media supply chain optimization requires new ways of thinking coupled with a purpose-built technology platform. Together with AWS, SDVI makes it possible for our customers to achieve business agility, realize operational efficiency, and pursue growth opportunities with supply chain optimization powered by Rally.”

- Geoff Stedman, Chief Marketing Officer, SDVI

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“Telestream’s services on AWS are leveraged by customers around the world to create, transform and ensure media quality with our Telestream Cloud services including Transform, QC and Stream Monitor.”

- Scott Murray, SVP Corporate Marketing, Telestream

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Transform production and distribution workflows by accelerating media operations, maximizing collaboration, and creating higher value from content.

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World's leading systems architects and ICT integrators in the field of broadcasting and media technology, specialising in the television, media, and telecommunications industries.

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Content inventory platform helps organize, find, process, and distribute digital media, and dynamically orchestrate the tasks throughout the entire media asset lifecycle.

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Sony Media Cloud Services help organize, enrich, approve, and distribute your media files to teams and partners across the world.

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Vidispine Arvada Systems logo

Intelligent solutions for media and entertainment and broadcast Vidispine covers the entire media value chain.

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Consulting partners

AWS Consulting Partners help customers build customized solutions to meet their unique needs.

AWS Marketplace

Media and entertainment solutions from AWS Partners are also available on AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog of third-party software, services, and data that makes it easy to find, buy, deploy, and manage software on AWS.

eMAM Cloud Service

The eMAM Cloud Service (ECS) gives you a simple and powerful tool to produce and store media.

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Nomad CMS

Manage, enrich, discover, and distribute media content.

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Video and Digital Asset Review and Approval helps up store, transcode and automate the management of large, complex files.

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Manage the complexities of intellectual property rights for creative content. 

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HPA Tech Retreat 2021 insights and innovations - clapper board
Blog post

HPA Tech Retreat 2021 insights and innovations

These videos share insights and innovations from “Found Lederhosen,“ a thought leadership project at the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) Tech Retreat 2021. The videos include cinematic shorts from London, Dubai, Brisbane, and Mexico City as well as a virtual production shoot in Hollywood, an animation sequence from Mongolia, and a thematic video game.

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State of media security: A discussion with industry leaders - man logging onto laptop

State of media security: A discussion with industry leaders

Chief Information Security Officers from HBO Max, FOX, and MGM join an AWS security expert to discuss how the AWS Cloud helps media organizations scale and secure content through the entire supply chain—from the camera to the cloud and then to the customer.

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Top 10 things to consider when migrating your VOD library to AWS

There are lots of things to consider when moving your VOD (Video On-Demand) content library to a new provider like Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this post, we cover the top things to keep in mind when migrating media files to AWS.

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Family sitting playing with child, with ML labels identifying objects and faces on the image

Building intelligent video workflows with machine learning

Learn how to create new video workflow efficiencies, improve service offerings, and increase media asset value with powerful machine learning resources for video providers. 

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