Media2Cloud on AWS

Extract key details from your media files in your AWS accounts


The Media2Cloud on AWS solution sets up a serverless end-to-end ingest workflow to move your video assets and associated metadata to the cloud. This solution is designed to provide a standardized architecture that helps accelerate the migration and supply chain process, and helps Media Asset Manager (MAM) partners provide solutions for their customers.


Save development time

Leverage the Media2Cloud on AWS solution out of-the-box, or as a reference implementation for building a serverless framework to accelerate the setup and configuration of a content ingest process.

Simple user interface

The solution creates a simple web interface that makes it easy to upload, browse, and search your video and image files and extracted metadata.

Technical details

This solution helps you to quickly and seamlessly extract key details from your media files in your AWS accounts without machine learning expertise. The solution also includes a web-based user interface that you can use to ingest and analyze your media content.

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Solving with AWS Solutions: Media2Cloud on AWS
Customer Reference
Jukin Media takes user-generated content to the next level with TrackIt, using Media2Cloud on AWS

By engaging TrackIt to deploy the AWS Media2Cloud on AWS implementation, Jukin Media collated huge volumes of user-generated video content with a streamlined and automated process, saving them time and money.

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Successful innovation for ESSENCE as Starchive and AWS help deliver the 2020 ESSENCE Festival of Culture
Learn how Starchive used the AWS Media2Cloud on AWS solutions implementation to process over 5,000 hours of archival video in just eight days, unlocking ESSENCE’s entire library of content for use in their 50th anniversary virtual celebrations.
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Announcing AWS Media Intelligence Solutions
We’re pleased to announce the availability of AWS Media Intelligence (AWS MI) solutions, a combination of services that empower you to easily integrate AI into your media content workflows.
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