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AWS Media & Entertainment Competency Partners help customers re-imagine lens-to-glass workflows across Broadcast, Content Production, Direct to Consumer distribution, Media Supply Chain and Archive, and Data Science & Analytics for Media. Media & Entertainment Partners are differentiated and validated through AWS Solution Architects rigorous testing and use cases. They have proven themselves in the industry to follow AWS best practices and passed a high-bar technical review.

The AWS Competency Partner Program is designed to identify, validate, and promote AWS Partners with demonstrated AWS technical expertise and proven customer success. The AWS Competency Partner Program has validated that the partners below have demonstrated they can help customers migrate applications and legacy infrastructure to AWS.

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Work with AWS Trained and Certified AWS Partners that have specialized expertise.

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Engage with AWS Partners with demonstrated technical proficiency who build offerings using architectural best practices.

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Partners that Specialize in:

  • Content production includes all aspect of creating and finishing original film and episodic content. Solutions in this category are focused on all stages of live and non-live content production. Those stages are: 1/Pre-Production; 2/ Production; 3/Post-Production, and 4/ Finishing/Mastering. Content in scope for this category is: 1/ Film (Live action or Animation); 2/ Episodic (Live Action, Animation)

  • Media Supply Chain manages and orchestrates several different media service technologies, data services, storage, and digital transport services for delivery through linear and non-linear distribution channels. Supply Chain includes solutions that take digital content and programming elements from one or more sources through an automated series of steps. These solutions typically include workflow orchestration and frequently involves both automated processing (transcode, QC, machine learning) and human touch services (visual QC)) being connected in series or parallel steps. The workload results in the processing of content for delivery to digital endpoints like local affiliates, social media, OTT endpoints, distributors and third parties. Automated and customizable workflows are part of the supply chain. Supply Chain also includes Asset Management systems (MAM, DAM, CMS) that track the location of and movement of assets between storage tiers, including to/from Archive.

  • Archive solutions establish a long-term, cost effective strategy for long-term storage of content and includes the cataloging, packaging, and migration. These solutions may include a digitization strategy to encode or ingest tape libraries for conversion and processing. Workload functions may include fixity checking, integration with content aggregation services, packaging (AXF/DCP/IMF), or aging and deletion policies.

  • Broadcast includes the following workloads: live acquisition, non-linear fulfillment from Supply Chain, live sports, news, event production, channel assembly and distribution to ‘handover’ endpoints such as MvPDs, broadcast affiliates, and CDN. Broadcast solutions include contribution (media acquisition), processing (switching, mixing, monitoring, routing, encode, transcode, multiplex, conditional access (CA)), channel origination (automation, scheduling, traffic, master control, ad insertion), graphics, and B2B distribution. These solutions incorporate media workloads to support live and file-based Broadcast distribution of linear and VOD content through broadcast, cable, IPTV, terrestrial, satellite, and OTT channel services.

  • D2C solutions help customers develop and deploy over-the-top (OTT) streaming solutions for Live and VOD content. The solutions include discovery, transcoding, Digital Right Management (DRM), personalization, monetization, targeted ad-insertion, streaming and playback analytics, and content distribution. Content distribution includes standard CDN, CDN caching, edge optimization, and manifest manipulation (personalization, ad insertion).

  • Publishing includes the following workloads: content management, editorial workflow and content approval, publication and collection management, content enrichment, content transformation and packaging, distribution, content subscription management, rights management, digital asset management, and monetization of content in digital and analog forms. Solutions include a direct path to the reader to monetize and limit reliance on the third party digital platforms.

  • Data Science and Analytics workloads intersects the other M&E categories to provide intelligent business decisions, automate processes, and unlock the value of data and content. Data Science workloads accelerate content workflows, augment and automate repetitive manual processes, create rich descriptive metadata, improve audience engagement, and increase overall monetization. Data Science solutions help media customers solve their data challenges, leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) processes, or offer capabilities that enhance end applications. AI/ML solutions include, but are not limited to, metadata extraction, metadata augmentation, content analysis for QC, segmentation, compliance, transcript generation, language translation, personalization, content recommendations, and sentiment analysis.

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