Data Science & Analytics for Media

Media Intelligence solutions built on unmatched analytics and machine learning capabilities

Discover new ways to measure and visualize data

Build dynamic audience experiences and create new ways to measure and visualize data

Media and entertainment companies can ingest and analyze billions of audience events per day using the broadest set of capabilities for data lakes, analytics, databases, and machine learning with AWS. Customers from the National Football League to Wall Street Journal, can choose from unmatched machine learning capabilities and the best price performance of any cloud with Amazon EMR and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to segment audiences, forecast inventory, perform media analysis, improve monetization, and create personalized experiences and recommendations.

Innovate with AI tools and ML services

Apply generative AI and machine learning solutions to  a wide array of use cases including content search and discovery, captioning and localization, compliance and brand safety, content monetization and personalization, fraud detection, conversational search, document processing, and content moderation.

Easily integrate AI into media content workflows

You can choose turnkey solutions from AWS or AWS Partners for rapid prototyping of four important use cases: content search and discovery, captioning and localization, compliance and brand safety, and content monetization.

Increase content discovery and personalization

Automatically convert audio and video assets into fully searchable archives for highlight generation, compliance monitoring, content consumption analysis, and monetization. Deliver personalized content recommendations with Amazon Personalize to enable real-time curated customer experiences.

Purpose-built solutions & services for Data Science & Analytics

AWS for M&E reduces barriers to innovation by providing a curated suite of purpose-built services and solutions designed to help organizations create, deliver, and monetize content.

AWS services

Custom-built solutions

  • Manage workflow orchestration and data persistence for AWS machine learning services so you can focus on applications that extract value from media or automate manual workflows.
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  • This Guidance helps you facilitate the migration of your digital assets to the cloud, allowing you to take full advantage of the latest advancements in asset management and prepare content for distribution to media consumers.
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  • Personalization solutions build on the foundation of Amazon Personalize with customizations to satisfy media and entertainment-specific recommendation use cases.
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AWS for M&E Data Science & Analytics customers

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AWS for M&E Data Science & Analytics customers

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Partners for Data Science & Analytics

Discover solutions from an extensive network of industry-leading AWS Partners who have demonstrated technical expertise and customer success in building M&E solutions on AWS.

  • Databricks Lakehouse Platform on AWS unifies all your data sources into a simple, open, and collaborative foundation of your Lakehouse.

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  • “We are thrilled to be partnering with AWS for the media and entertainment industry. By leveraging the power of their cloud platform, we can create innovative solutions—backed by advanced data—that drive operational efficiencies and better customer experiences.”

    - Robert Koch, VP, M&E Technology Solutions, EPAM Systems

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  • GrayMeta dramatically improves efficiencies by automating the creation of metadata with an innovative approach to extracting rich metadata from digital assets across the enterprise.

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  • Segment simplifies the collection and unification of first-party customer data while enforcing data quality in real-time.

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  • ThinkAnalytics powers the world’s largest studios, broadcasters, distributors and media platforms with its Content Discovery Platform maximizing viewer engagement, value, and loyalty.

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  • Veritone, Inc. is a leading artificial intelligence company.

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AWS consulting partners

AWS Consulting Partners help customers build customized solutions to meet their unique needs.

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AWS Marketplace

Media and entertainment solutions from AWS Partners are also available on AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog of third-party software, services, and data that makes it easy to find, buy, deploy, and manage software on AWS.

  • Accurate.Video Validate is a web-based video platform created for broadcast, post-production, and media professionals.

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  • Real-time video streaming performance analytics, empowering publishers and developers with the actionable insights they need to deliver better quality of experience for their viewers.

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  • Combines configuration monitoring and real-time health metrics with a dynamic, tag-driven approach to dashboards and alerting to easily visualize, analyze, and troubleshoot your entire AWS infrastructure.

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  • Enterprises around the world rely on Sumo Logic to collaborate, develop, operate, and secure their applications at cloud scale. Reduce downtime and move from reactive to proactive monitoring with cloud based modern analytics.

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Data Science & Analytics Resources

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