Content Localization on AWS

Create subtitles for your video-on-demand content to reach more audiences, globally


Content Localization on AWS helps to extend the reach of your video-on-demand content by creating multi-language subtitles, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Producing accurate, multi-language subtitles for videos is both complex and labor-intensive, with many personnel hours spent transcribing, subtitling, translating, and reviewing media assets. With this AWS Solution, you can automate those manual processes and still control the result. It includes a simple UI where you can upload, analyze, and extract valuable metadata from video files using native AWS AI services.


Use a simple web interface

Upload and analyze videos, and work with automatically generated video subtitles using a simple web-based user interface.

Automate manual processes, but control the final result

You can review subtitles and make corrections within the application. Once you are satisfied with the subtitles, rerun the workflow using the corrected input to regenerate downstream results.

Customize AWS AI services for more accurate results

Generate custom vocabularies and terminologies using the corrections you make to the subtitles. Provide these customizations when you upload a video and configure the automated workflow.

Technical details

You can automatically deploy this architecture using the implementation guide and the accompanying AWS CloudFormation template.

Use cases for this AWS Solution
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