Maximize media value with AWS Media Intelligence solutions

Increase the lifetime value of your media content while reducing operational costs

The demand for media content in the form of audio, video and images is growing at an unprecedented rate. Organizations across entertainment, education, and advertising industries are using media to deeply engage with their audiences like never before.

However, managing, analyzing, and monitoring media content is both complex and expensive. Thousands of personnel hours are often spent tagging, labeling, captioning, and reviewing media assets. Adding machine learning to content workflows solves these problems and increases the lifetime value of your media.

AWS Media Intelligence solutions (AWS MI) solutions are a combination of services that empower you to easily integrate AI into your media content workflows. AWS MI allows you to analyze your media, improve content engagement rates, reduce production costs, and increase the lifetime value of media content. With AWS MI, you can choose turnkey solutions from participating AWS Partners or use AWS solutions to avoid starting from scratch.

Maximize media value with AWS Media Intelligence solutions



Lower operational costs

Automatically tag and label objects such as logos, characters, actors, scenes, and locations in order to improve content search and discovery, and to personalize the customer experience without expensive, lengthy and highly manual processes.


Boost customer engagement and accessibility

Engage your customers with more personalized content, and attract a broader audience with accessible and localized content by adding captions and subtitles to your content.

Improve compliance and brand safety

Improve compliance and brand safety

Review millions of images or thousands of videos against a wide variety of pre-defined or custom categories to ensure safety and compliance.

Drive topline revenue through content monetization

Drive topline revenue through content monetization

Discover new content monetization opportunities through contextual ad placements and sponsorships by identifying logos and brands in existing media content.

Use cases

Search and discovery

Make your content more discoverable with improved metadata. Machine learning automatically tags and labels objects such as logos, characters, actors, scenes, and locations, which can then be indexed to make content searchable, to offer personalized recommendations based on user interest, and to efficiently generate short clips and highlights to facilitate content discovery.

Underlying AI services: Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Comprehend, and Amazon Transcribe

Subtitling and localization

Use our highly accurate speech recognition and machine translation services to provide content publishers a work stream to easily caption and subtitle videos to remove barriers, and increase reach and accessibility.

Underlying AI services: Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate, and Amazon Polly

Compliance and brand safety

Ensure content meets compliance and brand safety guidelines with automatic reviews of media content against a wide variety of pre-defined or custom unsafe categories. Identify and confirm the correct use of logos, tagging, and compliance requirements to get comprehensive but cost-effective compliance coverage at scale.

Underlying AI services: Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Transcribe

Content monetization

Contextualized ads not only ensure better return on investment, but also improve customer experience by serving fewer and more relevant ads. Machine learning enables you to automatically identify logos and brands in existing audio and visual content to find optimal ad insertion opportunities, detect pre-decided ad breaks, improve advertising context, and avoid inappropriate or irrelevant brand associations.

Underlying AI services: Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Transcribe

Customer stories

"As a large, global platform, unwanted content is extremely risky to the health of our community and can alienate photographers. We use Amazon Rekognition’s content moderation feature to find and properly flag unwanted content, enabling a safe and welcoming experience for our community. At Flickr’s huge scale, doing this without Amazon Rekognition is nearly impossible. Now, thanks to content moderation with Amazon Rekognition, our platform can automatically discover and highlight amazing photography that more closely matches our members’ expectations, enabling our mission to inspire, connect, and share.” 

Don MacAskill, the co-founder, CEO & Chief Geek at Smugmug

Echo 360
“The Echo360 platform fosters active and engaging video-based learning that serves today’s student. We’re excited about Amazon Transcribe because it offers our university partners high-quality transcripts for each video, enabling more powerful search, lower cost captioning of educational video content, and enhanced note-taking, making learning assets more valuable and accessible to students.”

Fred Singer, CEO - Echo360

“CaptionHub uses multiple machine transcription and translation services but AWS leads the space with its comprehensive coverage and acceleration in language development, as well as its depth of infrastructure services and breadth of expertise in partner network support. This makes AWS an ideal choice for CaptionHub as a core technology partner. Using Amazon Translate and Amazon Transcribe, CaptionHub helps it users produce perfectly transcribed, timed and styled captions for video content for the world's largest and best known household brands, faster than any other solution in the market. Using AWS AI services, CaptionHub customers are able to cut as much as 87% of their subtitling production time, as well as reduce their overall production costs by as much as 50%. We’re really excited about how AWS will continue to evolve and enable our offering for a wider range of clients and use cases.”

James Jameson - Commercial Director, CaptionHub

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"AI creates a paradigm shift in virtually every sector, especially in video editing. With Nova, our video editing platform powered by AWS Media Intelligence solutions, our customers are able to save 70% on video editing time and reduce costs by up to 97%. Now Disney and other customers are able to produce a quantitatively higher amount of quality content. Working closely with AWS MI helps us to develop and deploy our technology at a faster pace to meet market demand. What would have taken us weeks before, now only takes a matter of days or even hours."

Michael Moss, Co-founder and CEO of PromoMii

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Discover Purpose-Built Services, AWS Solutions, Partner Solutions, and Guidance to rapidly address your business and technical use cases.

Media2Cloud on AWS

Deploy a a serverless end-to-end ingest workflow to move your video assets and associated metadata to the cloud.

Content Localization on AWS

Create subtitles for your video-on-demand (VOD) content to provide localized video with high quality transcriptions, subtitles, and translations to extend the reach of video content to new audiences.

Media Insights on AWS

Deploy a a development framework for applying machine learning services to media workflows. The solution’s APIs are purpose-built for applications that process videos, images, audio, and text and support AWS machine learning services for your multimedia applications.

Choose an AWS Media Intelligence solutions Partner

AWS has assembled a team of partners with deep expertise in applying machine learning to media intelligence workflows across various industries. AWS Media Intelligence solutions from AWS Partners provide turnkey AWS MI solutions that can help lower costs, increase revenue, and boost engagement. Go to the partners page to find the partner solution for your use case.

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AWS Media Intelligence Partners

AWS Media Intelligence Partners

Choose an AWS Solution

For partners and customers who want to build internally, AWS solutions for MI provide open source frameworks to accelerate implementation and avoid starting from scratch.

Media2Cloud a serverless solution for seamless ingest of pictures, audio, documents and video content into AWS or/and to export assets into a Media Asset Management system. In addition to media content ingest and export, Media2Cloud comes with integrated mechanisms to augment content with machine learning generated descriptive.

Learn more about Media2Cloud »

AWS Content Analysis
AWS Content Analysis solution combines Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate, and Amazon Comprehend to offer a suite of comprehensive capabilities to analyze a customer’s video content and generate meaningful insights through machine learning (ML) generated metadata.

Custom brand detection Solution
The custom brand detection solution helps content producers prepare a dataset and train models to identify and detect specific brands on videos and images.

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Contextual ad insertion solution
Create an ad insertion solution by combining Amazon Rekognition with AWS Elemental MediaTailor and AWS Elemental MediaConvert that analyzes video content to deliver contextual ads and monetize live stream and VOD content.
Content Localization on AWS
This solution creates subtitles for your video-on-demand (VOD) content using AWS artificial intelligence (AI) services. Providing localized video with high quality transcriptions, subtitles, and translations can greatly extend the reach of video content to new audiences; it also enhances the understanding of the content by all viewers.
Media Insights on AWS
This solution is a development framework for applying machine learning services to media workflows. 
Guidance for Photo Search on AWS
This Guidance helps users organize and implement search capabilities so they can efficiently locate the right photo from a large library of images. 


Subtitling videos accurately and easily with CaptionHub and AWS

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