Simplify and modernize identity verification workflows

Automate identity verification with AI to onboard and protect users faster, reduce fraud, and lower costs

In a digital era, companies rely on virtual processes more than ever before. Protecting customers from online scams and fraud is as important for organizations as it is to find service scalability and operational efficiency. From online banking and education to fleet management and shared economy services, companies are modernizing identity verification processes, but cost, complexity, human capacity to deal with intricate verification needs, and the scarcity of artificial intelligence (AI) talent are the main reasons keeping customers from transformational AI initiatives.

Amazon Rekognition, a fully managed AI solution, can help you modernize or implement new identity verification workflows without requiring AI expertise. Onboard and authenticate users in seconds while detecting fraud, scams, and duplicate accounts with pre-trained models and analysis capabilities. Reduce risk with easy to customize services that provide the online identity verification capabilities needed to grow users faster and reduce fraud while lowering operational costs.

What's Amazon Rekognition Identity Verification? (1:22)


Grow users faster

Convert users faster and securely into customers. Verify users in seconds online and from anywhere in the world, and scale from hundreds to millions of identity verifications per hour.

Reduce fraud

Complement password authentication processes with visual identity verification. Guard against fraudulent account openings or transactions by comparing self-taken photos with identity documents or with your collection of existing photos.

Lower identity verification costs

Reduce the time and cost of in-person authentication with pre-trained and customizable face detection, search, and comparison APIs. Onboard and authenticate users online without building and managing your own ML infrastructure.

AWS Identity Verification Solution In Action | Amazon Web Services (1:13)
Introduction to Identity Verification
AWS customers today rely on Amazon Rekognition to protect its customers and digital platforms with fast, secure, and cost efficient identity verification and authentication solutions.
Introduction to Identity Verification
AWS customers today rely on Amazon Rekognition to protect its customers and digital platforms with fast, secure, and cost efficient identity verification and authentication solutions.

Customer stories

  • Aella Credit
  • Aella Credit provides instant loans to individuals with a verifiable source of income in emerging markets using biometric, employer, and mobile phone data.

    Aella Credit
    “Identity verification and validation have been a major challenge in emerging markets. The ability to properly identify users is a key hindrance in building credit for billions of people in emerging markets. Using Amazon Rekognition for identity verification on our mobile application has reduced verification errors significantly and given us the ability to scale. We can now detect and verify an individual’s identity in real time without any human intervention, thereby allowing faster access to our products. We tried various well-advertised solutions, but none of the popular alternatives could accurately map out various skin tones. Amazon Rekognition helped us effectively recognize faces of our customers in our markets. It also helped us with KYC in discovering overlapping profiles and duplicate datasets."

    Wale Akanbi, CTO & Co-Founder - Aella Credit

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  • Banco de Bogota
  • With 150 years of experience in operation, Banco de Bogotá is part of the Aval Group and ranks second in the Colombian banking system for its assets, a position that places it as a major player in the country.

    Banco de Bogota
    "With AWS, we have become the first bank in Colombia to launch loan and credit products, which can be purchased in less than 5 minutes from our digital channels."

    Gabriel Morris, Technology Leader, Directorate of Digital Strategy and Data - Banco de Bogotá

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  • Banco Inter SA
  • Banco Inter SA offers complete services in banking, investments, credit and insurance, in addition to having a mall that brings together the best retailers in Brazil. With 11 million customers, the company has an expanded credit portfolio of R$9.4 billion, shareholders' equity of R$3.3 billion and R$19.8 billion in total assets.

    Banco Inter SA
    "Three years ago, we opened 200 accounts a day. Today there are 29,000 accounts opened daily and, without Amazon Rekognition, we would not have the agility to do this.”

    Bruno Picchioni, Machine Learning Engineer - Banco Inter SA

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  • AU Small Finance Bank
  • AU Small Finance Bank is India’s largest small finance bank, with 2.7 million customers and more than 900 banking touchpoints. Its mission is to become a tech-centric, world-class digital bank that contributes to financial inclusion across India.

    AU Small Finance Bank
    “From a technology perspective, we’ve architected a solution and selected a platform that can scale as needed without any bottlenecks. The response since launch has been phenomenal, with very positive feedback—especially from busy professionals, digital natives, and people such as elderly customers who don’t get out much to run errands. We’ve been able to offer digitally advanced solutions to customers in rural parts of the country so that our digital outlook is complementing our branch presence. Working with AWS and WorkApps has extended our reach, broadened our funnel, and increased our customer acquisition rate. We’re able to serve customers who are not digitally native and, in doing so, contribute to a national goal of greater financial inclusion.”

    Ankur Tripathi Chief Information Officer, AU Small Finance Bank

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Use cases


Reduce friction during onboarding and keep users and assets protected from unauthorized parties and attackers.


Enable sellers, providers, and consumers, with easy to use, seamless verification experiences that protect transactions, funds, and all parties, from offer to transaction.


Validate identities to protect instructors and students, an increase the fairness of qualification processes.

Fleet Management

Prevent account lending and increase customer trust by onboarding and validating driver authentication

Travel and hospitality

Increase customer satisfaction whilst increasing passenger/guest throughput with identity verification


Reduce check in time and go paperless with online identity verification enabled check in

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guidance for identity verification on aws

AWS Guidance for Identity Verification

This Guidance demonstrates how you can mitigate fraudulent attacks and minimize onboarding friction for legitimate customers with machine learning and through a streamlined facial identity-based authentication user interface.

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liveness detection framework architecture
Liveness Detection Framework

A complete front-end web application and a serverless backend to detect the facial details needed to accurately verify identities.

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Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning

Use this Guidance and its dataset example to automate the detection of potentially fraudulent activity, and the flagging of that activity for review.

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