What does this AWS Solution do?

This solution is a development framework for applying machine learning services to media workflows. The solution’s APIs are purpose-built for applications that process videos, images, audio, and text and support AWS machine learning services for your multimedia applications. By managing workflows, this solution empowers you to build applications faster while benefitting from a robust back end framework.


Save development time

This solution manages workflow orchestration and data persistence so that you can focus on applications that extract value from media or automate manual workflows.


You can extend and customize the solution to fit new use cases. Operators are generated state machines that are pre-built, but can also be extended to handle specific use cases.

Modular framework

Components are described by clean interfaces. Operators are small single purpose components that transform or extract metadata from media. You can define custom operators or use any of the included pre-built operators. 

AWS Solution overview

The diagram below represents the architecture flow you can automatically deploy using the solution’s implementation guide and accompanying AWS CloudFormation template.

Media Insights on AWS architecture

The AWS CloudFormation template deploys the following resources:

  1. An Amazon API Gateway resource for the control plane REST API.
  2. AWS Lambda and Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) resources to support workflow orchestration and translating user-defined workflows into AWS Step Functions.
  3. Amazon DynamoDB tables to store workflow-related data.
  4. AWS Step Functions for when a user defines a new workflow using the workflow API.
  5. AWS Lambda functions for the MIE operator library. Operators are provisioned for the following services: Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Translate, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Polly, and AWS Elemental MediaConvert.
  6. An Amazon API Gateway resource for the data plane REST API.
  7. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), DynamoDB, and DynamoDB Streams for media and metadata data storage.
  8. Amazon Kinesis Data Streams resources to provide an interface for external applications to access data in the MIE data plane.


Media Insights on AWS

Version 5.0.1
Last updated: 01/2023
Author: AWS

Estimated deployment time: 10 min

Estimated cost Source code  CloudFormation template 
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