AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Secure, reliable live video transport

Achieve uninterrupted, high-quality video delivery by adding a quality-of-service layer over standard IP transport.

Secure your live video and control distribution using industry-standard encryption.

Gain resilience at the signal and flow levels, and build workflows without any single failure points.

Save 30% or more compared to a typical satellite primary distribution use case, which has 70 destinations.

How it works

AWS Elemental MediaConnect is a high-quality transport service for live video. It delivers the reliability and security of satellite and fiber-optic combined with the flexibility, agility, and economics of IP-based networks.

Introducing AWS Elemental MediaConnect Gateway

Transmit compressed live video between on-premises multicast environments and AWS.

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Use cases

Manage high-value live broadcasts

Get real-time critical video quality metrics, with broadcast-standard alerts to identify issues and maintain confidence that video is delivered.

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Connect remote production applications

Use AWS Cloud Digital Interface (CDI) workflows to connect production switchers, graphics engines, and other components running in the cloud.

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Securely and reliably ingest content

Secure your live video using industry-standard encryption so that only authorized customers can access your content.

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Stream video using the Zixi SDK

Distribute signals globally and to other AWS accounts without the need for a dedicated infrastructure or specialized devices.

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