User Guide

Describes the components and features that AWS Elemental MediaConnect provides and how to use them.




A discussion forum for MediaConnect. Post your questions and feedback to this forum.


API Reference

Describes basic operations of MediaConnect. Provides schema structure for flow and detailed descriptions of settings. Includes sample flow creation requests.


Service Level Agreement

Is a policy governing the use of AWS Elemental MediaConnect under the terms of the Amazon Web Services Customer Agreement between Amazon Web Services, Inc. and its affiliates and users of AWS’ services.


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Introduction to AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Learn about AWS Elemental MediaConnect, a transport service for live video that enables contribution of high-quality live video streams into the AWS Cloud, replication of these live video streams to build sophisticated video workflows, and secure sharing and distribution business to business, with partners and to destinations in the AWS Cloud or on the internet.

Blog posts & articles

AWS Elemental MediaConnect for Ingestion and Distribution of Video in the Cloud

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AWS Elemental MediaConnect Solution Brief

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