AWS Elemental MediaConnect Features

AWS Elemental MediaConnect is a reliable, secure, and flexible transport service for live video that enables broadcasters and content owners to build live video workflows and securely share live content with partners and customers. MediaConnect helps customers who run 24x7 TV channels or stream live events transport high-value live video streams into, through, and out of the AWS Cloud in a fraction of the time and cost of satellite or fiber services.

Key features

Comprehensive range of video industry standard protocols

MediaConnect supports a range of protocols for video delivery including the Zixi protocol, Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST), Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), and RTP with forward error correction (FEC). Using these protocols, MediaConnect enables a quality-of-service layer over IP network transport, which maintains stream integrity through packet recovery, for reliable live video contribution into the AWS Cloud using the public internet or AWS Direct Connect.

Discover, visualize, and monitor live video with the workflow monitor

The workflow monitor for AWS Media Services and Amazon CloudFront discovers, visualizes, and monitors the resources associated with a live video stream, broadcast, or distribution. It displays the relationships between resources in a graphical signal map, so you can see which resources are being used and how they are connected. Create and apply metric alarm and notification templates to monitor your video and alert when issues arise. Learn more in the workflow monitor documentation.

Transmit compressed live video between on-premises multicast environments and the cloud using AWS Elemental MediaConnect Gateway

With AWS Elemental MediaConnect Gateway, a cloud-connected software application, you can send video to and from your customer-managed multicast infrastructure. MediaConnect Gateway sends multicast feeds from your network operations center as unicast, transporting the video to MediaConnect. Once there, you can replicate your video and send it to other AWS Regions, process it using AWS Media Services or other applications, share it with partners and affiliates, and even deliver it to other on-premises MediaConnect Gateway installations.

Transport uncompressed and visually-lossless video with AWS Cloud Digital Interface (CDI) and JPEG XS

MediaConnect can route video, audio, and metadata streams using AWS CDI to provide uncompressed, low-latency video to CDI-enabled applications. MediaConnect can also receive and decode JPEG XS for contributing live video to applications in the AWS Cloud, and can encode and send AWS CDI content as JPEG XS for return-feed applications back to on-premises infrastructure. 

Built-in security

MediaConnect lets you protect your content using industry-standard, end-to-end AES encryption, and you can enable allow listing to limit access only to trusted sources. MediaConnect is fully integrated with AWS Secrets Manager for key storage and retrieval. You can even configure unique encryption keys for each destination as your video leaves MediaConnect, giving you control over your content’s security.

High-quality video sharing

Create entitlements in MediaConnect to grant another account access to your content, so you can share your video streams with your customers and partners. Instead of hosting distribution hubs in your data center to share live video, you can now reach a larger number of customers quickly and easily using the AWS Cloud. Content sharing is tracked using entitlements, and you can revoke access at any time. Accounts that are granted access can create their own video workflows using MediaConnect and other AWS services.

Monitor in real time

Using AWS monitoring services, such as Amazon CloudWatch, MediaConnect provides at-a-glance network performance metrics. Broadcast-standard alerts identify issues with transport streams, so you can adjust settings to maximize the quality of your video workflows. The service monitors stream performance and recovers automatically without operator intervention. You can also use Amazon EventBridge to build event-driven applications to respond to issues impacting your MediaConnect flows.

Use independently or with other AWS services

You can choose to use MediaConnect as a standalone service or integrate it with other AWS services such as AWS Elemental MediaLive to prepare, process, and deliver your content. Whether you manage live 24x7 channels, stream live events, or need disaster recovery capabilities, MediaConnect gives you the tools to build your applications in the AWS Cloud.

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