The International Program of AWS Joint Innovation Center (abbr. JIC) is a unique and cost-effective platform that strives to provide foreign startups with comprehensive resources and rich experiences,to empower them for future growth. Our mission is build and develop the best-of-breed,multi-national incubator ecosystem with a strong focus on AWS Cloud by equipping JICs with wide-ranging resources (mentors, VC network, marketing channel, and cloud computing resources) and enabling the innovative startups to develop and extend their businesses globally.

Usually, companies under the international program of JIC are able to leverage the local government‘s beneficial policies, VC stakeholder’s funding support, the technical specialty of AWS’s client support team, and local operator’s logistical service. The collective work from AWS and our program stakeholder’s ensured the maximum convenience of global startups and international companies to join the JIC.


ADD: No.130 Jinshui East Road, Licang District,
         Qingdao, Shangdong, China

ADD: No.3639,Eurasia Avenue,Chanba District, Xi’an,China