Qingdao-Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center (“Qingdao JIC”) locates in Qingdao Licang District, one of the central city districts in Qingdao, which has Smart Industry, IoT, Global Selling, and Fintech as focused industries.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications. AWS has a long history of providing startups with the low cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow.AWS has millions of active customers, some of the world’s hottest startups use AWS – including Airbnb, Lyft and Slack.

AWS has global team of business development professionals who are mostly ex-Startup founders, investors and CEOs. AWS knows what it takes to launch and grow a startup. AWS has relationships and partnership with thousands of venture capital firms around the world and also have deep relationships with all of the well-known accelerators and incubators in the world.

In 2017, AWS brought the power of cloud and its culture of innovation to Qingdao. The AWS Joint Innovation Center has been recruiting startups to who want to expand into the China market. Besides our global network of startup professionals, AWS provides the AWS Activate program to startups who are enrolled in Joint Innovation Center. The AWS Activate program includes AWS Promotional Credits up to $25,000, AWS technical workshops and training, free business level technical support. We also provide startups in the Qingdao Joint Innovation Center with dedicated AWS Solutions Architect to help the startups build their businesses on AWS in an efficient and reliable manner.

With the strong resource invested by local government and AWS, Qingdao JIC offers best in class complimentary workspace, AWS Promotional Credits and AWS Support, and incubation services operated by international startup incubator to help global startups and companies expend their business in China market with reduced barriers in technology deployment and business growth.

With AWS cloud services and the benefits at the Qingdao AWS Joint Innovation Center, startups can test their idea in the China market very quickly. Once your idea gains traction you can scale rapidly on the AWS platform. If it doesn’t, you can pivot try other ideas.Join Qingdao AWS Joint Innovation Center today and you can be a global company from the very beginning as you can take advantage of AWS having cloud services all around the world.



  • Complimentary workspace up to 5 seats, with all-inclusive decoration
  • Complimentary accommodation up to 3 months, first come first serve


  • $25,000 AWS Promotional Credit, valid for up to 2 years
  • AWS Business Support , valid for up to 2 years
  • AWS Solution Architect Workshop and Office Hours


  • Mentorship program
  • Marketing events with access to VC
  • Opportunity to government-led fund investment
  • Opportunity to taxation benefits
  • Business Registration

Option for Green Channel if settle in Qingdao-Amazon Joint Innovation Center

Contact offshore registration agency for companies in need

  • Launch Subsidies

Meet the district criteria of financial revenue of over 6 million yuan annually or 500 thousand yuan monthly, after being officially recognized, a rent subsidy could be given in accordance with the standard of 90yuan per square meter, if the area is of less than 200 square meters, the subsidy could be given as of 80% of the amount of the district financial revenue monthly.

An actually paid capital for registration of more than 5 billion yuan, subsidies of more than 100 million yuan could be given; 4-5 billion yuan, subsidies of 80 million yuan could be given; 2-3 billion yuan, subsidies of 40 million yuan could be given; 1-2 billion yuan , subsidies of 20 million; less than 1 billion, subsidies could be of 2%. Addition to the subsidies above, a 1% more could be given, the highest could go up to 30 million yuan.

  • Tax Deduction

Preferential duty rate of 15% for high-tech companies. Personal Income Tax that has achieved 200 thousand yuan per year (or 16 thousand yuan per month) shall be given a subsidy of 80% from the district.

  • Marketing Event Support

Co-organize forum summit with Licang District, in accordance with its level, national, provincial or municipal, a lump sum subsidy of 500 thousand/ 300 thousand/ 100 thousand shall be given; for those who are introduced to participate international/ national or provincial exhibitions, exchange reunions or any related new financial exhibitions, a subsidy of 50% of the booth cost shall be given, highest goes to 100 thousand.

  • Talent Benefits

Assistance for overseas high talents to settle down

The newly elected and full-time introduction top talents could enjoy privileges in health care. Those who can’t, could be provided with appropriate healthcare under the condition of purchasing commercial medical insurance. Within Grade-A Tertiary Hospitals in Qingdao, making appointment and foreign languages services could be provided.

The “Government Benefits” are provided “AS-IS” by Qingdao Licang District Government, and it is subject to change periodically. Please contact Qingdao Licang District Government at www.qdlc.gov.cn



Date Address Theme
15-May 2018 5F Hall Room at Qingdao JIC Amazon Global Selling Workshop
21-May 5F Hall Room at Qingdao JIC AWS Hands-on Lab Workshop
20-Jun 2018 5F Hall Room at Qingdao JIC Digital Transformation powered by AWS