Amazon Inspector automatically assesses applications for vulnerabilities or deviations from best practices, including impacted networks, OS, and attached storage.

With Amazon Inspector, you deploy an agent onto the virtual servers you want to assess, select the tests you want to run, and execute the assessment. When the test is complete, Amazon Inspector generates a prioritized report of potential security issues, including detailed recommendations for remediation.

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Amazon Inspector analyzes system and application configuration, and monitors system activity to determine dependent components and how they behave. You deploy an agent on the virtual servers you want to scan, select the tests you want to run, and define how long you want the test to monitor activity. The combination of this data gives a complete picture of the application and any security or compliance issues it might introduce.


Amazon Inspector incorporates a built-in library of security rules and reports. These include defined checks against best practices for authentication, network configuration, virtual machine settings, application settings, as well as OS configurations and patches. Inspector also checks against common security compliance standards (e.g. PCI), and vulnerabilities. The checks also include detailed recommended steps to remediate security issues. This library of content is constantly updated with new tests based upon emerging vulnerabilities and security issues.


Amazon Inspector includes APIs that allow you to embed security testing directly into your development and design process, including selecting, executing, and reporting the results of those tests. In addition Amazon Inspector can integrate with partner solutions like configuration management tools to automate the remediation process.


AWS Inspector is fully integrated with AWS CloudTrail, providing central logging of all security testing activity. This gives your auditors full visibility into what tests were performed and when, and what the results of those tests were, streamlining the process of demonstrating compliance in the development lifecycle.