AWS End User Computing (EUC) Partner Solutions

Support customers who need to provision, protect, and gain intelligence from end-point devices.

APN Consulting Partners with the AWS EUC Competency provide services and offerings that help customers with strategy, professional services, managing infrastructure, repeatable intellectual property, and optimization of End User Computing technologies on AWS.

These solutions follow AWS best practices for building the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient cloud infrastructure for industry applications.

Consulting Partners


AHEAD WorkSpaces Solution

AHEAD leverages reference architecture to create an Amazon WorkSpaces design based on AWS services and third party solutions. AHEAD provides customers with a prod-ready DaaS solution that delivers end user desktops with the built-in-security, monitoring, and integrations required for ongoing management.

AHEAD offers prescriptive services for every stage of your Amazon WorkSpaces journey. AHEAD can help you navigate the entire process by leveraging the AHEAD Innovation Framework (AIF) to help you get it right the first time.

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Alscient Limited | End User Compute

Alscient has proven capability in transforming how clients present desktop environments and applications to their users. With many years experience of delivering EUC solutions on AWS, Alscient's solutions provide for a secure desktop experience accessible from anywhere with inherent scalability and availability in the most cost-efficient manner.

Alscient’s EUC solution allows for a cost-effective, standardized, scalable, and secure virtual desktop infrastructure to be provisioned and accessible in minutes. Alscient delivers many EUC solutions ranging from Citrix deployments, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, and AWS WorkSpaces deployments for a wide variety of client use cases.

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API Systems

API Systems

API Systems provides a comprehensive suite of services to assist across any part of the EUC journey. API is a comprehensive infrastructure services and solutions provider, that has a niche expertise in the End User Computing on AWS.

API has provided subject matter expertise in the EUC space for over 15 years, starting with technologies such as Citrix, VMware, and Nutanix, and continuing through to today's cloud based landscape, with technologies such as AWS WorkSpaces and AWS AppStream 2.0. API's focus has centered around driving adoption of the AWS EUC stack, whether it's a new implementation or a full EUC transformation.

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BlazeClan Technologies

BlazeClan's End User Computing services delivers an exceptional end-user experience with secure cloud desktops for remote, mobile, and contract employees, while providing manageability, security, and agility to the enterprises.

BlazeClan empowers enterprises to build a strong digital workplace strategy to increase their end-user satisfaction, improve security and agility, empower enterprises to embrace digital transformation, and enjoy faster time to value.

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CloudHesive | Secure Workspaces

CloudHesive’s Next Generation Managed Services for End User Computing, powered by Amazon Web Services, allows organizations of all sizes to deploy a Virtual Desktop solution to their end users, including end-to-end security governance, risk and compliance, and operational lifecycle management.

CloudHesive’s Secure Workspaces solution is a combination of customer, end user and application onboarding services, lifecycle management, and self-service capabilities powered by CloudHesive's Centricity platform.

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CMD Solutions

CMD Solutions is a specialist Cloud and Infrastructure consulting company providing tailored services that assist customers to realize greater efficiency, reduce risk, and improve profitability. CMD's approach combines automation with deep security experience to provide secure and scalable EUC.

CMD leverages Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 to provide customers with VDIs and Application streaming services that address challenges associated with DR, BCP, scaling, security isolation and compliance, and high performance compute proximity. 

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Consegna is a cloud native APN Advanced Partner with one of the largest contingents of AWS certified individuals in New Zealand. Consegna specializes in working with clients to enable their cloud journey to either seamlessly migrate to AWS or enhance their current cloud capability.

Consegna helps its clients with a number of AWS native solutions including End User Computing. These solutions empower customers not to be hindered by the hardware that they have, and instead have the full functionality of a desktop PC on a low price netbook or functioning smart phone. 



EagleDream Technologies

EagleDream Technologies specializes in helping some of the world’s top companies solve their toughest business challenges using technology.

Leveraging End User Computing solutions on AWS, EagleDream empowers enterprises to work anywhere, anytime, and from any device. With in-depth AWS and software development expertise, EagleDream provides secure, managed services for cloud desktops, application streaming, file storage, and access to internal company website and apps across geographic and organizational boundaries.

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Innovative Solutions

With over a 99.7% client retention rate, Innovative helps customers build, migrate, and support End User Computing on AWS.

Innovative partners with small to medium-sized businesses to securely deploy, manage, and maintain Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0. Innovative's certified Cloud Architects have the skills and expertise to deliver innovative End User Computing with an unmatched customer experience.

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inQdo Cloud End User Computing

inQdo provides services and offerings that help customers develop strategy and professional services, manage infrastructure, and optimize End User Computing technologies on AWS including Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon AppStream 2.0, and Amazon WorkLink.

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iOCO Cloud Solutions

iOCO focuses on mid-market customers, where they help CTOs regain control of end user computing environments by enabling simplified management and deployment of a seamless and powerful end user experience.

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Nuvens helps customers accelerate the deployment of Amazon WorkSpaces and AppStream environments, creating the foundations and design to ensure the platform is secure, optimized, and flexible to grow and change with business needs.

Nuvens assists clients in understanding where their current position is with the virtualization of their desktop and applications by utilizing its “Six Steps to Success” methodology. Nuvens complements Amazon WorkSpaces with Nuvens WorkSpaces Manager, to simplify, enhance management, and supercharge Amazon WorkSpaces for scale.

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Olikka | Amazon WorkSpaces Solution Toolkit

Integrate technology to deliver innovative solutions that empower people while enabling organizations to be competitive in a digital world.

Amazon WorkSpaces Solution Toolkit by Olikka offers a fully managed desktop-as-a-service solution to help organizations provide an easy-to-use cloud-based virtual desktop experience. Suited for several use cases including remote employees, seasonal workers, developers, and students, Amazon WorkSpaces and Olikka’s proven methodology enables its users to access their desktop from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

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Privo | End User Computing Deployments, Management, and Optimization

Privo helps customers achieve a secure, scalable, easy-to-manage, and cost effective EUC infrastructure in AWS. Privo assigns a team of engineers who make it their mission to deliver projects on time 100% of the time. Privo also prides itself on knowledge-sharing with the customers, who strive to level up their own customers’ internal IT teams.

Privo specializes in consulting, automation, and ongoing management of Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon AppStream 2.0, and other AWS EUC technologies. Whether customers have an existing AWS EUC infrastructure or want to migrate to AWS, Privo will accelerate the journey and best-practice implementation of AWS EUC services.

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Rebura is one of the UK’s fastest growing AWS Service Providers that focuses on using AWS technologies to help customers increase productivity, scalability, cost efficiency, and security. Reburas’ highly skilled and knowledgeable team is available to support and manage AWS environments.

Rebura offers EUC as a service with the capability to deliver simple desktops to multiple devices across an estate. Rebura can deliver machines pre-configured and ready for users to plug-and-play with file, email, and applications, all pre-configured. Reburas’ clients have seen both an increase in efficiency and a decrease in costs when using this service.

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RedNight Consulting

RedNight Consulting

RedNight is an expert in migrating to AWS infrastructure, implementing end user solutions, and ongoing IT support for mid-sized businesses.

RedNight Consulting takes a customer-first approach to migrating, managing, and empowering workloads to run in the AWS Cloud. RedNight Consulting focuses on Windows workload migrations, Virtual Desktops, Amazon WorkSpaces, and refactoring applications to be cloud native. A dedicated group of engineers unlock the agility and scalability of the cloud, ensuring a smooth experience with the Amazon Web Services transition and utilization.

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Serverworks | Virtual Desktop Service

Serverworks has been certified as an APN Premier Consulting Partner since 2014 and offers Cloud Automator, an AWS operation automation solution, to automate AWS operational processes. Cloud Automator is now equipped with a function to share Amazon WorkSpaces resource information to users for the better use of WorkSpaces and other AWS services.

Serverworks’ Cloud Automator helps workers smoothly transition to cloud based virtual desktop service. By combining 3rd party SaaS solutions and Cloud Automator, Serverworks plans and deploys Amazon WorkSpaces to transform workstyle.

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Sunny Cloud

Sunny Work is a one-stop service that promotes work style reform using Amazon WorkSpaces, a cloud-based virtual desktop that can be started from a single device at low cost.

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SynchroNet’s focus on EUC on AWS provides production deployment, automation, and post-implementation support of enterprise, government, and APN Partners globally. They ensure app delivery and cloud desktops are architected in alignment with their customers’ cloud strategy.

SynchroNet is the SME for EUC lifecycle support services including End User Compute Adoption Framework (EUCAF), Proof of Concept and Pilots, Well-Architected Review for EUC, Enterprise Production Rollout at Scale, Provisioning/Lifecycle Automation Platform: CLICKTM, Post-Implementation Support Services, and EUC DevOps and Automation.

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Tehama End User Computing

Tehama helps enterprise customers adopt AWS EUC in minutes. Tehama's Virtual Office-as-a-Service is designed to provide a compliant and secure virtual environment, enabling enterprises to quickly onboard, scale, manage, and audit their global workforce.

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Tokai Communications

Tokai Communications | Consulting and Implementation Services for Amazon WorkSpaces

TOKAI Communications has worked with many customers to provide consulting, development, ops, and support of WorkSpaces based on a wide breadth of knowledge and experiences.

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