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As the information and communications technology provider for the New South Wales (NSW) public health system, eHealth NSW supports the vital work of healthcare delivery to patients across the region. eHealth NSW moved its on-premises infrastructure to AWS to drive innovation, reduce costs by millions of dollars, and save more than 144,000 hours of productivity for front-line providers. With ten times the performance improvement in its patient records system, medical professionals get fast access to clinical data resulting in better care and outcomes.

eHealth NSW's Cloud Journey on AWS

eHealth NSW's Cloud Journey on AWS
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Business Transformation

Realizing greater business value and accelerating digital transformation

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Building efficiencies in the cloud after migration

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Artificial Intelligence

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Continuous Innovation

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  • Business Transformation
  • 2022

    NSW Leveraging Digital Platforms and Capabilities in Everyday Work

    Dr. Zoran Bolevich shares how NSW Health uses the cloud to serve over 8 million people across 228 hospitals. By becoming "digital on the inside," NSW Health staff leverage digital platforms and capabilities in their everyday work. By working with AWS, NSW Health aims to empower patients and citizens to be active participants in their health and wellbeing. NSW Health has an enterprise data lake hosted on AWS and a centralised repository storing vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from multiple systems, both clinical and corporate.


    Digital transformation of health will depend on the ability to adopt and leverage the power of the cloud. Health IT is on the cusp of becoming a cloud enabled and patient centric digital health, so let us work together to accelerate that transition. The future of health depends on it."

    Dr. Zoran Bolevich
    Chief Executive, eHealth NSW & CIO, NSW Health eHealth


    eHealth NSW Transforms Public Health System with the Cloud

    eHealth NSW has realized significant benefits and accelerated the digital transformation of NSW Health by moving mission-critical workloads to the cloud with support from AWS Professional Services. From cost reductions of US$16 million to more than 144,000 hours of clinicians’ time saved, eHealth NSW is delivering greater performance, efficiency, and security.

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    We worked closely with the AWS Professional Services team to modernize our infrastructure, allowing us to redirect our resources toward improving the features of clinical applications and delivering greater value to the state healthcare system.”

    Farhoud Salimi
    Former Executive Director, Service Delivery, eHealth NSW


    eHealth NSW supports NSW Health Pathology Transforming their Public Health System with the Cloud

    NSW Pathology created an AWS-powered SMS automated notification service that delivered COVID-19 test results to millions of patients rapidly and at scale. By leveraging AWS, NSW Health Pathology rapidly deployed an innovation that significantly improves the patient experience and public health response during the pandemic, demonstrating the power of cloud technology to enable nimble solutions.

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  • Migration
  • 2023

    Modernizing eHealth NSW’s Infrastructure with AWS Professional Services

    Farhoud Salimi, eHealth NSW’s former executive director of service delivery, and program manager Daniel Hansen talk about their experience of moving to the cloud and how migrating critical workloads has helped accelerate the company’s digital transformation and delivered value without massive upfront investment.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 2023

    AI-Assisted Annotation of Medical Images using MONAI Label on AWS

    he NSW Telestroke Service, a collaboration between the Prince of Wales Hospital, eHealth NSW, the Agency for Clinical Innovation and the Ministry of Health, provides people across NSW in Australia with rapid virtual access to specialists in stroke diagnosis and treatment. The NSW Telestroke Service team, working with AWS and eHealth NSW’s UCCW Telestroke Project team, is deploying an AI-assisted Telestroke solution on AWS. The aim of this at scale, world first project is to identify the type of stroke (ischaemic or haemorrhagic) and annotate the images by further segmenting lesions related to the specific stroke type.

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  • Continuous Innovation
  • 2022

    eHealth NSW Upskills Staff to Accelerate Cloud-First Strategy

    Using AWS Training and Certification and collaborating with AWS Advanced Tier Authorized Training Partner Bespoke Training Services, eHealth NSW is giving its staff the tools and skills they need to drive innovation and efficiency, raising the quality of patient care.

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    Investing in our staff’s development not only provides rewarding personal growth opportunities, it also contributes to improvements in the quality of patient care provided to the residents of NSW.”

    Farhoud Salimi
    Former Executive Director, Service Delivery, eHealth NSW

About eHealth NSW

As NSW Health's digital centre of excellence, eHealth NSW provides world-class ICT systems for Australia’s largest health system. These systems supports the vital work of healthcare delivery to more than 8.2 million citizens across the state. eHealth NSW migrated their most mission critical clinical systems to AWS to improve operational efficiencies, drive innovation, delivering millions in avoided capital expediture and saving more than 144,000 hours of productivity for front-line providers. With ten times the performance improvement in its patient records system, clinicians are able to gain access to clinical data faster, resulting in better care and patient outcomes.

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