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Stratio Customers Get Fast Insight with Generative AI in Secure Environment Using AWS

“AWS will take care of these infrastructure needs, will support us with our growth, and Stratio can focus just on the delivery value and actually getting into the client's data to understand and resolve questions using generative AI and data fabric products.”

Ignacio Mulas
CSO & VP engineering, Stratio

Stratio Leads Innovation in Generative AI, Accelerates Customer Insight Using AWS
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Companies need accurate insight to make decisions that drive business success, and Stratio specializes in helping them do this by harnessing all of their data through generative artificial intelligence (AI). Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), its innovative approach allows customers to keep sensitive data secure within a trusted environment while applying the power of generative AI to drive action and automation. It can scale to 10,000 cores, says Ignacio Mulas, chief strategy officer and vice president of engineering, delivering more value to more clients through a pay-per-use model.

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