There are several ways to get started with AWS IoT Core depending on your use case and how you want to integrate the service into your use case. The AWS Management Console provides a web-based interface for accessing and managing all your AWS IoT resources. Programmatic access to IoT Core is enabled by the AWS CLI and AWS SDK.

To connect your hardware device, sensor, mobile app or a thing use the AWS IoT Device SDK. Choose from one of the AWS starter kits pre-packaged to connect to IoT Core. In addition, IoT Core is supported by a wide range of third party tools and gateways.


AWS Management Console

The AWS Management Console is a web-based interface for accessing and managing your AWS IoT Core resources. You can easily and securely create a thing, associate certificate, publish messages and define actions using the AWS Management Console.


The AWS SDK helps take the complexity out of coding by providing APIs for many AWS services including AWS IoT Core. All AWS SDKs are enabled for IoT Core. The single, downloadable package includes the code library, code samples, and documentation.

AWS IoT Device SDK

The AWS IoT Device SDK helps you to easily and quickly connect your hardware device or your mobile device to AWS IoT Core. It offers enhanced features so that you can seamlessly interact with the device gateway and the device shadow that will enable you to quick start your development. The Device SDK supports a variety types of devices, from basic to industrial hardware devices. Learn more about the AWS IoT Device SDKs.

AWS IoT Core Starter Kits

The AWS IoT Core Starter Kits enable you to move quickly from idea to prototype. These physical kits are designed to help accelerate cloud-powered prototype development of connected devices and connect securely to AWS IoT Core. The kits include development microcontroller development boards, sensors and actuators, the AWS IoT Device SDK, and a simple getting started guide so that you can easily find the best fit for your products. You can purchase the kits from If you already have the hardware board, you can download the SDK and samples to get started in minutes. Visit the APN partner portal to learn more about partners who provide AWS IoT Core Starter Kits.

Advantech UNO-2271 Starter Kit


This Suite includes Intel Atom Pocket-Size Smart factory Edge Gateway with 2 x GbE, 1 x mPCIe, HDMI, eMMC, Embedded Linux (AdvLinuxTU), and the AWS Greengrass Core built in.

Advantech UNO-1372 Starter Kit


This Suite includes Intel Atom E3845 based UNO with 4GB Ram and Mini-PCIe expansion, Embedded Linux (AdvLinuxTU), and the AWS Greengrass Core built in.

IIoT Gateway Starter Kit


Moxa’s IIoT Gateway Starter Kit is a proven industrial-grade computing solution, and has all the elements essential to developing your IIoT gateway applications. Packed with Moxa’s UC-8100 edge computer and ThingsPro Gateway data-acquisition software, this ready-to-deploy kit is the perfect choice to bring your IIoT-application ideas to life.

Mongoose OS ESP32-DevKitC


This kit includes ESP32-DevKitC (Wi-Fi,BLE) and runs Mongoose OS

Samsung ARTIK 053 Development Kit


ARTIK 053 featuring T200 processor brings Wi-Fi and enhanced security to things that need compactness and connectivity.
It runs Tizen RT, a compact RTOS with built-in TCP/IP stack. Development tools: ARTIK IDE, GCC C/C++ compilers, OpenOCD.
32-bit ARM® Cortex®-R4 320MHz
29 GPIO, 2 SPI, 4 UART, 4 ADC, 1 JTAG, 2 I2C
Module dimensions: 15 x 40mm

Samsung ARTIK 710 Development Kit


The ARTIK 710 developer kit with modular board architecture (module + development board)
Features: High performance, 8-core, 64-bit ARM Cortex A-53 processor @ 1.4GHz. 1GB RAM, 4GB flash (eMMC). Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Thread. ARM MALI GPU for multimedia, graphics applications. Enterprise-class security with hardware secure element and Secure OS

Samsung ARTIK 530 Development Kit


The ARTIK 530 developer kit with modular board architecture (module + development board)
Features: High performance, 4-core, 32-bit ARM Cortex-A9 processor @ 1.2GHz. 512MB RAM, 4GB flash (eMMC). Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Thread. ARM MALI GPU for multimedia, graphics applications. Enterprise-class security with hardware secure element and Secure OS

Telit Application Development Kit


The Telit Application Development Kit (ADK) for Amazon Web Service (AWS) provides an embedded platform for interfacing Telit’s GS2000 SoC based 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi modules (GS2200M & GS2101M) to AWS IoT services.

The hardware board has an extensive assortment of features aimed at addressing the challenges you face evaluating potential designs and quickly ramping up your development effort. Its features include: a GS2200MIZ Ultra-low Power Wi-Fi CERTIFIED® 802.11b/g/n Mini-Module, built-in power measurement circuitry, Arduino™ and Pmod™ compatible hardware interfaces, USB serial and JTAG debugging ports, and software controlled buttons and LEDs.

STM32 IoT Discovery Node


The B-L475E-IOT01A Discovery kit provides out-of-the box support for AWS IoT with X-CUBE-AWS software expansion for STM32Cube and enables variety of applications by using WiFi® and low-power communication (Bluetooth® Low Energy, Sub-GHz, NFC), multiway sensing and Ultra-Low-Power ARM® Cortex®-M4 core-based STM32L475 with 1Mbyte of Flash memory and 128Kbytes of SRAM.

SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3220SF Wireless Microcontroller LaunchPad™ Development Kit


The SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3220SF LaunchPad™ development kit (CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL) highlights CC3220SF, a single-chip wireless microcontroller (MCU) with 1MB Flash, 256KB of RAM and enhanced security features. The CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL features on-board emulation and sensors for a full out-of-the-box experience using the Plugin for AWS IoT.

Digi ConnectCore® 6 Development Kit


The Digi ConnectCore 6 SBC development kit delivers an industrial multi-core SBC platform with scalable NXP i.MX6 performance, pre-certified Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi integration, Digi XBee and cellular connectivity options, Gigabit Ethernet support, multi display/camera and audio support, external storage, and expansion connectors.

Digi ConnectCore® 6UL SBC Pro Development Kit


The Digi ConnectCore 6UL SBC Pro development kit delivers the ultimate connected off-the-shelf NXP i.MX6UL Single Board Computer, Pico-ITX form factor, pre-certified 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® 4.2, including Bluetooth Low Energy, and out-of-box cellular integration options.

Digi ConnectCore® 6UL Starter Kit


The Digi ConnectCore® 6UL Starter Kit is a Linux development kit for the Digi ConnectCore 6UL SOM with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. The kit includes the compact ConnectCore 6UL SBC Express with on-board antenna, Grove connectors, and a Pi HAT compatible breakout connector.

AT&T IoT Starter Kit

AT_T Starter Kit

AT&T IoT Starter Kit Powered by AWS enables designers to easily develop and prototype cellular connected IoT devices using AT&T’s 4G LTE network. All elements required to collect sensor data, connect to the AT&T network, and use Amazon Web Services for the management, storage, and analytics of a connected IoT device are included. Purchase additional AT&T IoT SIMs and Data Plans here.

Marvell EZ-Connect MW302

Marvell Front box

This kit includes Marvell MW302 and runs Marvell EZ-Connect SDK, ported from AWS IoT Device SDK

MediaTek Linkit One and Grove


This kit includes MediaTek Linkit One (Wi-Fi, GPS, BLE, GPRS) and Grove Sensors and Actuators and runs AWS IoT Device SDK with mBed TLS

Renesas RX63N


This kit includes Renesas RX63N RDK and runs AWS IoT Device SDK on Micrium OS

Dragonboard 410c


This kit includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 410c (Wi-Fi, GPS, BLE) packaged by Arrow and runs AWS IoT Device SDK (C and Node.js)

Intel Edison and Grove


This kit includes Intel Edison with Arduino Breakout Board and Grove sensors and actuators and runs AWS IoT Device SDK (C and Node.js)

BeagleBone Green and Grove


This kit includes BeagleBone Green and Grove sensors and actuators and runs AWS IoT Device SDK (C and Node.js)



This kit includes a Microchip PIC32 microcontroller, LAN8740A Ethernet Phy, MPLAB Harmony Integrated Software Framework, FreeRTOS, is extendable thought the mikroBUS header and runs AWS IoT Device SDK

Seeeduino Cloud and Grove


This kit includes Arduino Yun compatible board and Grove sensors and actuators and runs AWS IoT Device SDK for Arduino

TI LaunchPad

Texas TI

This kit includes TI Launchpad CC3200 and runs TI-RTOS

Wisplet S2W IoT Starter Kit


The Wisplet S2W IoT Kit includes a ready-to-operate out-of-the-box Wi-Fi module together with a sensor module.

Avnet BCM4343W


This kit includes Broadcom BCM4343W (Wi-Fi, BLE) and few sensors packaged by Avnet runs Broadcom WICED SDK


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