Put your skills to the test by solving challenges that emulate real AWS use cases

About AWS Jam

AWS Jam challenges individuals and teams to apply their AWS Cloud skills to solve real-world, open-ended problems using AWS services. Engage in a gamified learning environment that helps you develop your AWS Cloud skills through simulated use cases in an AWS Management Console sandbox. Select challenges by technical domain or role and by difficulty level. Clues are available to help navigate the challenges if needed.


Benefits of AWS Jam

Learn to solve problems

Complete challenges across common AWS use cases and operational tasks, with only clues to guide you.

Verify your skills

AWS Jam guides you to use established AWS best practices to solve challenges.

Engage in learning

Earn points for every task completed, lose points if you must use a clue, vie for the top spot on the leaderboard in a team event.

AWS Jam for Teams

Foster shared learning, creativity, and trust across your teams with an AWS Jam event. Teams collaborate virtually or in-person to solve hands-on challenges and vie for the top spot on a leaderboard.

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AWS Jam Event

Host unlimited Jam events for your organization with an AWS Skill Builder Team subscription or try one out for your team*.

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AWS Classroom Training with AWS Jam

Reinforce your team’s learning by adding an additional day of team-based gamified learning to your classroom training with AWS Jam.

*The ability to purchase a single Jam event is currently only available in the United States as a pilot.

Requires subscription

AWS Jam for Individuals

Work independently to solve a series of time-bound challenges, targeted to a specific focus. Challenges teach AWS best practices around security, machine learning, DevOps, database, networking, and more. Available with AWS Skill Builder subscriptions.

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