The Alexa Web Information Service API makes Alexa’s vast repository of information about the web traffic and structure of the web available to developers.

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Gather information about web sites, including historical web traffic data, related links and more.

Access historical web traffic data for web sites to analyze growth and understand the effects of specific events on web site traffic

Build a web directory into your web site or service using an Alexa API enhanced DMOZ-based browse service

Access the list of sites linking to any given site

  • Pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee, and no start-up cost.
  • Up to 1,000 requests/ month - Free
  • 1,001 to 1,000,000 requests/ month -  $0.00045 per request
  • Over 1,000,000 requests/ month - $0.00030 per request

(Alexa Web Information Service is sold by Amazon Web Services, Inc.)

AWIS provides the following operations, or "actions":

URL Information
The URL Information action gives developers direct access to information pertaining to web pages and sites on the web that Alexa Internet has gathered through its extensive web crawl and web usage analysis. Examples of information that can be accessed are site popularity, related sites, and detailed usage/traffic stats. This is most of the data that can be found on the Alexa web site and in the Alexa toolbar, plus additional information that is being made available for the first time with this release.

Historical Web Traffic
The Historical Traffic action gives programmatic access to web site traffic rank, reach, and page views going back four years. Use this action to compare a web site’s popularity over time, identify trends, or display graphs of traffic

Sites Linking In
The Sites Linking In action returns the sites linking to a specified web site.

Browse Category
The Browse Category action allows developers to access all of the information available at the Open Directory without the need to download or host the directory database on their own systems. This service returns web pages and sub-categories within a specified category. The returned URLs are filtered through the Alexa traffic data and then ordered by popularity

Your use of this service is subject to the Amazon Web Services Customer Agreement

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