Vídeos de demonstração do Storage Gateway

Switch from Tape to Cloud Backups – AWS Storage Gateway – Tech Tips (10min51s)
How can I use snapshots and clones with AWS Storage Gateway to recover volume data? (10min02s)
File Gateway – multi-site access to files/objects in Amazon S3 via NFS (6min32s)
Using the AWS Storage Gateway Virtual Tape Library with Veritas Backup Exec (12min48s)
Using AWS Storage Gateway volumes for application migrations to Amazon EC2 (11min54s)
Disaster Recovery Demonstration: Using AWS Storage Gateway for Cross-Site Failover (7min39s)

Vídeos de configuração de gateway e da central de conhecimento

How to setup a file gateway (10min01s)
Setting up the AWS Storage Gateway hardware appliance
How to setup a volume gateway (9min33s)
How to setup a tape gateway (9min08s)

AWS re:Invent e sessões da conferência

Building Hybrid Cloud Storage Architectures, with Direct Supply case study and demo for SQL Server backup
Deep Dive: Using Hybrid Storage with AWS Storage Gateway to Solve on-Premises Problems (58min16s)
Get Rid of Tape and Modernize Backup with AWS (47min50s)
Migrating Large-Scale Data Sets to the Cloud (1m0min36s)
Files in AWS: Overcoming Storage Challenges for Common File Use Cases (58min12s)
Disaster Recovery with AWS: Tiered Approaches to Balance Cost with Recovery Objectives (45m:39s)


Tech Talk: Replacing tape backups with AWS Storage Gateway (26min34s)
Deep Dive: AWS Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance (47min26s)
Hybrid Cloud Storage with AWS Storage Gateway and Amazon S3 (40min12s)
Tech Talk: AWS Storage Gateway Deep Dive: Introducing SMB support, with SQL Server backup demo (43min51s)
Tech Talk: Improving Backup & Disaster Recovery with AWS Storage Gateway (33min56s)
Tech Talk: Moving Data into the Cloud with AWS Transfer Services (46min05s)

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