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Level Up Your Serverless Applications with AWS Lambda Ready Partners

AWS Service Ready-olWhen Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers build with AWS Lambda, they need the right solutions to help them deploy, monitor, secure, and integrate their Lambda-based workloads.

The AWS Lambda Ready Program, part of the AWS Service Ready Program, makes it easy for customers to find developer tools and integrations that are validated by AWS serverless experts to work with AWS Lambda.

Customers use AWS Lambda to focus on product innovation while enjoying faster time-to-market, without thinking about server management. With AWS Lambda, you can simply upload and run code with high availability and fault tolerance built in, paying only for the compute time you consume.

AWS Lambda Ready Partner products support the serverless application development lifecycle and ecosystem. They provide solutions for application definition, management, and deployment, and solutions that extend and integrate with function runtimes and APIs.

Here are a few examples of AWS Lambda Ready Partners in action:

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Introducing AWS Lambda Ready Partners

The AWS Service Ready Program validates products built by APN Technology Partners that integrate with specific services like AWS Lambda. Through this program, we confidently recommend APN Partner solutions to customers based on technical validation by AWS Partner Solutions Architects.

In order to qualify, each APN Partner’s product is validated against specific technical criteria for each type of integration with AWS Lambda.

For example, function definition and deployment tools, such as deployment frameworks, must support local testing and creating function versioning and aliases. Products that help customers manage and deploy their applications, such as CI/CD tools, must provide documentation that explicitly lists support for AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) or a similar framework for deploying AWS Lambda functions.

Launch Partner Showcase

AppDynamics | Serverless APM for AWS Lambda

  • Monitor and troubleshoot AWS Lambda functions to reduce infrastructure management complexity, drive cost efficiencies, and improve application development agility.

Aqua Security | Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform

  • Aqua secures your virtual machine, container, and serverless workloads across the application lifecycle, giving you end-to-end visibility and control.

Aqua Security | Aqua Serverless Security Solution

  • Aqua Serverless Security solution scans AWS Lambda functions for vulnerabilities, sensitive data, and overly permissive privileges, as well as function activity to detect anomalies and suspicious behavior.


  • Comprehensive alert automation for all managed services, and an insights engine to proactively detect complex issues across different data silos.


  • Datadog provides a platform to monitor and troubleshoot serverless applications, giving insights into the health of your business.


  • Troubleshoot issues quickly, and reduce MTTR with automated data correlation, payload visibility, and end-to-end observability for your microservices.

Kong Inc. | Kong Enterprise

  • Kong provides a next-generation API and service lifecycle management platform designed for modern architectures, including microservices, containers, cloud, and serverless.

Lumigo | Lumigo Platform

  • Purpose-built for serverless, Lumigo lets you easily monitor and debug your entire serverless application with a visual stack trace and smart alerts.

New Relic | New Relic Serverless for AWS Lambda

  • A single view for all of your AWS Lambda function performances—monitor, visualize, troubleshoot, and alert on all your Lambda functions.


  • Pulumi makes it easy to create, test, deploy, and manage cloud infrastructure as code.

Splunk | Serverless Observability

  • Monitor and alert on AWS Lambda functions within seconds. Troubleshoot and optimize performance of every function.

Serverless, Inc. | Serverless Framework

  • A complete solution for building and operating serverless applications.

Snyk | Snyk Open Source

  • Snyk is a developer-first security solution that helps organizations use open source and stay secure.


  • Stackery empowers enterprise development teams to deliver Well-Architected serverless applications quickly, securely, and at scale.


  • Thundra uniquely manages application health by combining debugging with automated distributed tracing and security for serverless and containers.

How APN Partners Can Get Started

Review the AWS Lambda Service Ready Validation Checklist to determine whether this designation fits your company’s product and technical strengths.

APN Technology Partners looking to get their AWS Lambda product validated through the AWS Service Ready Program must be a Select or Advanced Tier Partner and pass their APN Technical Baseline Review prior to qualifying.

If you’re an APN Partner interested in learning more about AWS Lambda, start by taking the APN Navigate Serverless track. While not a prerequisite for AWS Lambda Ready, this track enables APN Partners to build expertise around AWS serverless services including Lambda, and deliver solutions for customers building serverless applications.