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Streamline ad monetization with Prebid Server Deployment on AWS

Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announces the general availability of Prebid Server Deployment on AWS. This new solution empowers AWS customers to monetize their content with programmatic advertising at scale across web, mobile, connected TV, gaming, and other properties by quickly and easily deploying Prebid Server, an open-source solution for real-time ad monetization, in their own Amazon Private Cloud (VPC) environment and providing total control over the auction decision logic. Prebid Server Deployment on AWS streamlines “header bidding” workflows—a process by which content providers auction ad space to advertisers across multiple third-party advertising platforms simultaneously—for sell-side customers who seek deeper customization than is available through proprietary solutions.

Many AWS customers monetize content through advertising across web, mobile, connected TV, gaming, or other properties and use third-party ad platforms where advertisers bid on real-time auctions for the opportunity to display their advertising message to consumers. To maximize revenue potential, these AWS customers employ “header bidding” technology, which allows them to auction ad space across multiple ad platforms simultaneously, and scale access to multiple advertisers’ bids. However, current header bidding workflows are implemented in JavaScript in the browser, which can affect the consumer experience. Server-to-server implementations such as Amazon Publisher Services’ Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM) solve for this—however, publishers who wish to customize their auctions or run them in their own AWS accounts need to deploy and operate architectures that are geographically distributed and can support high-volumes of traffic with low-latency—a challenging task for even well-resourced organizations—causing them to leave potential revenue on the table.

To empower AWS customers with ad-supported businesses to achieve scale, we are introducing Prebid Server Deployment on AWS this week as the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity kicks off in France.

Prebid Server Deployment on AWS at a glance

Generally available today, Prebid Server Deployment on AWS enables customers to deploy Prebid Server in a few steps and in their own Amazon VPC environment. This new AWS solution provides total control over auction decision logic and how customers stream transaction data, including modifications that need to be made, while also offering the benefits of global scalability and pay-as-you-go economics.

Prebid Server provides connectivity to 180+ advertising platforms and the launch of Prebid Server Deployment on AWS represents a huge leap forward for AWS customers looking to build connectivity with ad platforms. Customers with mobile and CTV applications as well as commerce media companies have used Prebid Server as a starting point in building that connectivity, and Prebid Server Deployment on AWS accelerates development time to own their own monetization engine.

“Prebid Server Deployment on AWS enables our customers to own their monetization stack,” said AWS GM of Advertising and Marketing Technology Solutions, Tim Barnes. “By deploying this solution, customers can conduct auctions across hundreds of partners to maximize revenue and access all of the resultant data in their own AWS environment. This gives them the opportunity to build innovative new ways of making decisions around monetization, and they only pay for the underlying infrastructure.”

Prebid Server Deployment on AWS was designed as a click-to-deploy solution for AWS customers with ad-supported content properties looking to achieve scaled ad revenue access through’s community of advertising platforms. In June, AWS became a member of to join the open source community that advances auction standards in omni-channel ad tech. With this new solution, AWS provides a comprehensive deployment template, offering load balancing, containers, and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances with the latest version of Prebid Server, and support for caches and databases, data pipelines, and data storage in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Additionally, Prebid Server Deployment on AWS can support an average of 100,000 requests per second (RPS) and captures operational and transaction logs from each Prebid Server container for monitoring, analysis, and reporting. A secure, reliable, and sustainable content monetization solution, it delivers the operational excellence, efficiency, and cost optimization AWS customers demand.

Prebid Server Deployment on AWS under the hood

Prebid Server Deployment on AWS is accessible via a single click in the AWS Management Console or AWS Solutions Library and provides the end-to-end infrastructure required to host a Prebid Server with production-grade availability. Behind the-scenes, Prebid.js code on a customer’s content property communicates ad buyer bid requests to the Amazon CloudFront/WAF (web application firewall) endpoint for entry into Prebid Server Deployment on AWS. This request is forwarded to the load balancer, which sends it over to a Prebid server cluster running on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS).

Prebid Server then validates and enhances the incoming request and concurrently calls server-side bid adapters. All the while, Amazon CloudWatch collects metrics from various resources involved in handling requests and responses through the solution and alarms used to scale-in-or-out each container cluster to monitor overall solution health. Runtime and metrics logs from Prebid Server running on each container are temporarily stored to a shared Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS). Log data then moves to longer-term storage on Amazon S3 and into AWS Glue for analysis or application development with more than 80+ AWS services such as Amazon Athena, Amazon SageMaker, or AWS Clean Rooms.

To learn how your team can benefit from Prebid Server Deployment on AWS, and to download the solution, visit the AWS Solutions Library.

Gaby Ferreres

Gaby Ferreres

Gaby Ferreres is the Head of Worldwide Industries Product Marketing for Advertising & Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Games, Retail & CPG, and Telco at AWS, where she works with technology leaders to accelerate innovation on behalf of customers. She is a global marketing leader and creator of experiences that elevate the customer journey. Before AWS, she held different positions at Microsoft and Telefonica.

Chip Reno

Chip Reno

Chip Reno is the Worldwide Technical Product Manager for the Advertising and Marketing Industry at AWS. For over 10 years he has led the strategy and development of enterprise media optimization platforms. He was the founder and CEO of two successful technology startups, before consulting at EY and building T-Mobile's internal Ad Tech infrastructure. At AWS, Chip is focused on building solutions to make clean rooms, customer data platforms, identity graphs, and other privacy enhancing technologies easier to use and help customers optimize media in an ever-changing privacy landscape.

Stephanie Layser

Stephanie Layser

Stephanie Layser is the Global Head, Publisher Ad Tech Solutions at AWS. She is a publisher advertising technology subject matter expert helping to define and execute go-to-market strategies for new and emerging services and solutions.