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The IACP Recap: Technology’s Role in Transforming the Future of Policing (with the help of AWS Ninjas)

The amount of data being collected, stored and analyzed is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Cloud technology is uniquely positioned to help law enforcement solve this challenge. Last week, AWS ninjas, cloud experts, and partners traveled to San Diego for the 123rd annual International Association of Chiefs of Police conference held in San Diego, CA.  […]

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The Future of Policing: Detect, Locate, and Alert on Gunfire in Under a Minute

For every gun-related homicide, there are 100 gunfire incidents that go unreported. But what if every incident was reported, and police departments could adjust and deploy resources based on real-time analytics and data delivery? ShotSpotter delivers real-time gunshot notifications to law enforcement so they can dispatch to the precise location of the gunshot, engage with the community, […]

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The Future of Policing: Not the Robocop Hollywood Imagined

As the technology landscape of state and local government agencies continues to grow and evolve, so does its dependency on cloud computing. Among the agencies most affected by this advancement are the 17,958 state and local law enforcement agencies across the United States. According to a survey conducted by the Department of Homeland Security and […]

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Improve Operations and Increase Efficiencies with the AWS Cloud

State and local government customers are leveraging the AWS Cloud for a variety of government operations every day. From elections and city planning to digital libraries and payment systems, government customers are recognizing efficiencies, flexibility, and cost savings made possible through cloud technology. Cloud technology is helping governments innovate for and with citizens. Check out […]

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City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge: Partners in Innovation and Cloud Innovation Leadership Award Winners

Last week we highlighted the 2016 City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge Award Winners. We showcased the five winners for the Best Practices Award and the five winners for the Dream Big Award. In addition, Appriss, GRIDSMART, OpenDataSoft, SmartProcure, and Utility, Inc. were this year’s Partners in Innovation Award recipients, recognizing applications that solve local […]

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Intelligent Transportation and the Cloud

AWS recently participated in the ITS America annual conference in San Jose, California.  At the conference, thought leaders and decision makers from both the private and public sector gather to discuss challenges, innovation, safety, policy, and best practices in transportation across the country. ITS America is an advocate for today’s leading industries—helping to marry tech […]

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